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Emergency Preparedness for your dog - Disaster Preparedness for your Dog "Tip o'da Week" from The Epicenter

Natural Paws News - Emergency Pet Preparedness. By taking time now to store emergency food, water, and other essential supplies, you can provide for your entire family, including your furry loved ones.

Pet-Friendly Travel Guide - Tips and Advice, Pet Friendly Travel Hotel Finders, Checklists; Rules, Regulations, and Safety

Pets and Disasters from FEMA; Before, During and After a Disaster

Planning for Your Pet in the Event of Disaster from FEMA

Pets, Livestock and Wildlife - The Humane Society of the United States Offers Disaster Planning Tips for Pets, Livestock and Wildlife

Pet Preparedness Part 1 - "Why Animal Disaster Preparedness?" by Diana Guerrero has achieved international recognition for her work with both wild and domesticated animals. Trained in Europe and the United States, she graduated from three of only four recognized wild animal training programs in the world. Her experience encompasses working for private animal and educational facilities, zoos, movies, television, and an oceanarium. Working with some of the most endangered species in the world. She is know for her unique training methods using trust, respect and understanding as a foundation.

Pet Preparedness Part 2 - "Providing For Your Animals Needs During Disaster Times" by Diana Guerrero

Pet Preparedness Part 3 - Animal Behavior Before and After Disasters by Diana Guerrero

Pet Preparedness by the Red Cross

PetRescue - an index of online animal adoption and rescue groups in the US powered by the Petseek search engine. Also includes a listing of Dallas area rescue groups with or without web sites.

Through Hell and High Water: Disasters and the Human-Animal Bond

Tips for Pet Owners - When preparing your home for an earthquake, don't forget to include your pets on the list. They will depend on you even more after an earthquake to take care of them and their needs.

A.R.K. Enterprise - Animal Rescue Kits, Pet Emergency Tote: Complete evacuation/disaster supplies for your pet; pet first aid kit, emergency stickers notifying of a pet kept in a dwelling

COPE International-USA - Animals get injured too. This 41 piece kit was designed by Dr. Owen DeVos and Dr. Lisa Scibetta, veterinarians at Hamilton Animal Care. The kit contains all the special items needed to treat an injured pet including burn relief gel pack, dressings, conforming gauze roll bandages, trauma pads, first aid tape, insect sting relief pads, a 4 oz. eye washer, a 10cc oral syringe and more. Conforms to OSHA standards.

OES: Earthquake Preparedness Month: Tips For Your Pet and Pet Safety Products

Rescue Critters (R) Animal CPR Training Mannikins - These mannikins are made for the specific purpose of training people how to perform CPR on their pets should the need arise.

American Humane Association - provides on-site rescue and relief for animal victims of disaster

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - Poison prevention, pet care, education, issues, volunteer opportunities

Animal Aid Online - The purpose of the organization is the rescue and placement of sick or injured homeless pets

Animal Care - general links to animal information, especially links to lost and found animals

American Veterinary Medical Foundation - This web site also includes a section that will enable visitors to learn about the AVMF's disaster relief program to provide funds for animals injured in or affected by disasters

Einstein's Online Pet Rescue Group - an index of online animal adoption and rescue groups in the US powered by the Petseek search engine. Also includes a listing of Dallas area rescue groups with or without web sites.

Emergency Animal Rescue Services (EARS) - It has saved thousands of animals in the wake of Disasters since it's inception in 1987.

Lost and Found for Animals in Disasters

Petfinder animals wanted/animals available.

Pet's Welcome - One of the Internet's internet's largest pet/travel resource with listings for over 25,000 hotels, B&Bs, ski resorts, campgrounds, and beaches that are pet-friendly.

Rescue for Other Critters - Links and Information

Super VetMed links - World Wide Web Virtual Library - huge site

Doggie Gatorade - for dehydration