First Aid
updated Sept. 18, 2011

ATSDR Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry - Hazardous Substance Release/Health Effects database

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Emergency Medical Services on the Internet - This site features an extensive list of (largely U.S.) emergency medical Internet links, in addition to numerous other EMS materials and information. This is a list of known Fire / Rescue / EMS / Emergency Services sites that can be found on the net.

Emergency On-Line - Over 650 topics providing detailed information on the diagnosis and management of disorders in emergency settings. An online reference that can be used free-of-charge by medical practitioners and the public, with downloadable color x-rays, illustrations, and pictures.

Emergency Resources - various medical kits and "portable hospital"

Hospital Web Links to every known hospital online in the U.S.

Survival Medicine - Antibiotic dosage calculator, Portions of an Army medical tech manual, how to handle dental emergencies, homemade "antibiotics", Herbal medications, Medical tutor that EMT's use, Online first aid assistant program, excerpts from Young's book on home remedies, Information on injuries after a nuclear war, program used to diagnose internal injuries, wilderness first aid plus much more

Toxic Substances and Public Health

WebMDs - searchable database for diseases and conditions, medical library, drugs and herbs, family genetics, self-care, numerous health tools and illustrated guides, food and nutrition, parenting and pregnancy, aging, sports and fitness