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China Renews Vow To Reunite With Taiwan By Force If Necessary – HOLLY NOTE: This is alarming because the U.S. is Taiwan's strongest ally and this country does not – in the strongest terms – wish to be 'absorbed' by China as it already views Taiwan as a 'territory'. Right now in the midst of President Trump in talks with President Xi over the heavily China-favored trade agreement, this is only going to exacerbate tensions. The best audio we've heard on this is the Audio of the Day where business expert, Joe Moribito, explains in plain English just how bad and complicated this trade agreement is and why no other President has had the courage to tackle it.

Will China's move on Taiwan spark war? What would happen to our military bases there. China has slowly been expanding it grip: first with it taking back Hong Kong from the British in 1997. This follows China building those islands it fiercely protects in disputed waters, which has also alarmed its neighbors – and the U.S. They give China access fertile fishing grounds and rich undersea natural resources and a host of other plans with its 3 airstrips, radar installations and numerous ports.

China sees 'owning' Taiwan as crucial because this island is first in a chain stretching from South Korea in the north to the Philippines and China views Taiwan as restricting its ability to impose unfettered power in the western Pacific.

When I traveled Asian countries in the 80s, Hong Kong was a bright, vibrant, free country with people enjoying free press, the rule of law, impartial police, an independent judicial system plus all the rest of recognized civil liberties. These are now being severely eroded after 2 decades of China rule. It's become an ominous place to live as interference and intimidation by China's government have become more common.

Hong Kong going back under China rule was a result of a 155-year-old treaty, not a militarized takeover as China is threatening Taiwan. China promised Hong Kong – as it's now promising Taiwan – to keep "one country, two systems", which was pure fiction. To Taiwan, the takeover by China is unthinkable and they will look for U.S. intervention as they treasure their democracy and freedoms.

The Taiwanese, like the people of Hong Kong are warm and friendly with a great sense of humor. It would be a shame to see their freedoms die. As we lessen our numbers in the Middle East, will we be pulled into war with China over our ally Taiwan?
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