We must guard against the overreaching hand of big government
trying to take away our freedom
—Steve Forbes

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Strzok Claims He Doesn't Remember Sending 'We'll Stop' Donald Trump Text – HOLLY NOTE: While painting our house, I listening to every word of these riveting hearings. In short, Republicans used the time to skewer Strzok and the Dems used theirs to stall, ask soft ball questions, but mostly pontificate, especially on issues that had absolutely nothing to do with the hearings. Most often they spewed lengthy commentaries supporting illegal immigration, in addition to mini-speeches on tariffs, gun violence, cost of drugs, student loans, and NATO. Quite a lot to cram in their allotted 5 minutes of questioning time. Surprising no one, this hearing was astonishingly partisan and vitriolic.

One ignorant Democrat woman, Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ), kept calling him Stro-zak rhyming with Prozac. This is even after she'd heard everyone else in the hearing pronounce his name correctly like 'struck'. If she's on this committee, you'd think she'd at least be passingly familiar with the 'star's' name. She opened her 5 minutes with a Trump tirade saying most of Puerto Rico was still without power. Wrong. As of July 3rd, 99.9% of the country electrcity had been restored. This is yet another example of Trump Derangement Syndrome. When they open their faces, fiction flies out.

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) went so far as to say he wanted to give Strzok the Purple Heart, which should be an affront to every soldier awarded this medal. Then, in this formal hearing, Democrats broke out in applause at some of Strzok's testimony.

On the other side, Fox News host said Republicans' behavior resembled 'a public lynching.' Lots of grand-standing on all sides complete with verbal jiu-jitsu. That aside, after a few hours, we were desperately sick of Strzok's condescending smirk and arrogance.
Trey Gowdy Opening Statement at FBI's Strzok Hearing July 12, 2018 – video of day
…Complete Exchange Between Rep. Trey Gowdy and FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok – video
Gowdy to Strzok: ‘I Don’t Give a Damn What You Appreciate’
Goodlatte Says FBI's Peter Strzok Will Be Recalled For Contempt
Democratic Lawmakers Thought They Were Privately Bashing DHS Officials. They Were Still on Mic.
Gowdy to Strzok: Please Explain Why You Texted “F Trump” Before Interviewing a Single Witness
Flat Wrong: CNN Torches FBI Agent's Strzok's Claim That His Texts Aren't Indicative Of Bias
Righteous – Louie Gohmert Tells FBI Agent Peter Strzok He’s a Liar – “Did You Use That Smirk When You Lied To Your Wife”?… PIC
Issa Humiliates Strzok In Incredible Moment – Forces Him Read Aloud His Own Anti-Trump Texts
'Control Yourself... This Isn't Benghazi': NJ Dem Rips Gowdy, Says GOP Should 'Kiss Strzok' for Allowing 'Illegitimate Pres. Trump'
Catherine Herridge Breaks Down Peter Strzok Hearing – video
Donald Trump Interview 1980 With Rona Barrett – video of day
Immigrants Find Noncitizen Voter Registration Easy – Some Admit To Casting Ballots
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New MuellerGate Developments Prove ‘Deep State’ Conspiracy Against Trump
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Left-Wing Hate ‘Rap Sheet’ Reaches 300 Incidents of Violence, Harassment PIC
In Unprecedented Move, Rosenstein Asks 100s Of Prosecutors To Review SCOTUS Pick's Records
NFLPA Is Going to Lose Its National Anthem Lawsuit And Hurt the NFL in the Process
Lawmakers Blast University of Kansas for Flying ‘Defaced’ U.S. Flag: ‘Beyond Disrespectful’
TSA Screeners Win Immunity From Flier Abuse Claims: U.S. Appeals Court
‘Unmasking Antifa Act' Includes 15-Year Prison Term Proposal
You're Fired: Accountability Returns to the White House Under President Trump
Survival of the Richest
Millennials Say 'Democratic Socialism,' But What They Want Is Free Stuff
TRENDSETTER: Cynthia Nixon Announces She's a 'Democratic Socialist,' Too
Questions About Kennedy Connections Abound After President Trump Picks Brett Kavanaugh To Fill Supreme Court Vacancy
Woman, 48, Found Dead in Garbage Chute at Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin's Former Address
Man Challenges City on Use of Surveillance Cameras and Wins
John Birch Society Member and Allies in Alabama Kill Local Agenda 21 Scheme
Lisa Page Will NOT Appear for Capitol Hill Interview Despite Subpoena
Trump Pardons Ranchers Whose Arrests Led to Armed Occupation of Wildlife Refuge
Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Major Issues – HOLLY NOTE: With regard to pre-existing conditions, the Trump Administration's official position is this as stated May 2, 2017: "Liberals are inflating the pre-existing conditions panic with images of patients pushed out to sea on ice floes, but the GOP plan will ensure everyone can get the care they need." Dems Will Unleash ‘a Lot of Scare Tactics’ Against Kavanaugh – HOLLY NOTE: And it started the night Trump announced the nominee.
Ted Cruz and Mark Levin Weigh In on Judge Kavanaugh
DNC Boss Won't Rule Out Impeaching Kavanaugh
Democrats Wants Kavanaugh to Recuse Himself on Mueller Matters
27 Republicans Vote Against Trump Pick for 9th Circuit, Cite His Views on Gun Rights, Free Speech
Recycling? California’s Separated Trash Going in Landfills as China Cuts Demand
Judge Throws Green Party Off Montana Ballot in Boost for Democratic Sen. Jon Tester
CNN Anchor: Trump Picking Kavanaugh Only Makes Things Harder For Red State Democrats
All Conservative American Politicians Are In Danger – A New Age of Terrorism Has Arrived
Explaining American Leftists: Part I
Trump Taps Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court – HOLLY NOTE: If you have any doubt Liberals have lost all perspective, scan the next 9 headlines.
Dems Slam Pick as 'Ideologue,' Touching Off Bruising Confirmation Battle
Women’s March Mocked for Pre-Written Press Release Opposing Supreme Court Nominee ‘XX’
Cory Booker: Trump Nominated Brett Kavanaugh for ‘Get out of Jail Free Card’
Sen. Cory Booker Calls of Trump's SCOTUS Pick a 'Constitutional Crisis' – video
Bernie Riles Up Crowd Following Trump's SCOTUS Pick: 'Are You Ready For a Fight?!' – video
'Hell NO on Kavanaugh': Left-Wing Protesters Blast Trump Supreme Court Pick
Nancy Pelosi Vows to ‘Avenge President Obama If It’s The Last Thing I Do’ in Supreme Court Fight – HOLLY NOTE: This might be a tad difficult since it's the Senate that confirms nominees and she's in the House.
Students Hate Trump’s SCOTUS Pick… Before He Made It – video
Schumer Whines Because Trump Did Not Consult Him On Supreme Court Pick
Democrats Endorse Judicial Tyranny
6 Senators to Watch in the Battle Over Trump's Supreme Court Pick
Gun Control Group Admits They Won’t Stop With ‘Assault Weapons’
Poll: Black, Asian, Hispanic Support Enough to Help Trump Win Re-Election
Ex-Navy Sailor Pardoned By Trump Files Suit Against Obama, Comey for Failure to Prosecute Hillary Clinton
Report: Witness Prepared to Identify Two Killers of Seth Rich
Pelosi: Dems Must Win Midterms To Preserve ‘Civilization’
Pelosi Forgets McConnell's Name, Aide Forced to Prompt
Trump Could Get Third Supreme Court Pick. But He Wouldn't Be The First.
Man Harasses Kellyanne Conway At Grocery Store – She Roasts Him Like a Rotisserie Chicken
University of Wyoming Profs Protest ‘Cowboys’ Slogan
"D" (Decision) Day: Trump's Top 4 SCOTUS Candidates
MICHAEL GOODWIN: Messages Suggest Hillary Clinton May Be Planning 2020 Run
Protesters Shut Down Part of Chicago Highway in Anti-Gun Violence March After City Sees 1,100 Shootings in First 6 Months of 2018
Legally Armed Teachers Explain Why They Carry Guns in Their Schools
Related: States That Allow Teachers and School Staff to Carry Guns
Restaurant Employee Pulls Gun on Thug Who Punched a Woman, Ends Situation 
Obama Political Appointee Who Tried to Seize Power of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to Resign, Drop Lawsuit
Americans Will Be Forced To Comply By 2020—No Compliance, No Entry and The Bill Already Passed
How to Survive Independence Day with Your Lazy-Assed, Freedom-Hating Millennial Nephew – HOLLY NOTE: This tongue-in-cheek perspective is served with a slice of humor. Its comments apply well beyond Independence Day.
Dershowitz: I’m Treated Worse for Defending Trump Than I Was for O.J. Simpson
EPA Scandals Under the Obama
Panicking Warren Issues Embarrassingly Bad Response to Trump’s $1 Million Dare
Mandalay Bay Housekeeper Found Haul of Semi-Automatic Weapons in Guest's Room - Including One That Was Pointed Out of the Window, Towards Vegas Strip - 3 Years Before Mass Shooting
Readin', Writin', and Jihadin'
U.S. Army Not Recommending SGT Ed Eaton for the Medal of Honor – video
Trump Narrows Field of Possible Supreme Court Nominees to 3
…Indicated Privately That He Has Settled on a Nominee
Rod Rosenstein Blackmailing Members of Congress
Here’s the Trump Cabinet Member Democrats Are Targeting After Pruitt Resignation
Robert Mueller Guilty of Cover Up of Mafia Murders and Committed Treason While FBI Director
Mueller Hires More Prosecutors as Russia Probe Moves Forward: Report – HOLLY NOTE: As of the end of March, Mueller's investigation had cost taxpayers ~$17 Million. Wonder how many more zeroes he's going to add to this bill. Apparently others are questioning this as well since the House passes bill seeking audit of Mueller investigation spending.
Cities Americans Abandoning
US Cities Americans Are Flocking To
Massachusetts Governor Signs Gun Seizure Bill
IG Report Follow Up: DOJ and FBI Investigation of Clinton Highlights Two Systems of Justice – video
Northrop Grumman ‘Taking Immediate Action’ After Employee Allegedly Took Part in Violent White Supremacist Rallies
Embattled EPA Head Pruitt Resigns
'Their Party Has No Future': Former Democrat Urges Liberals to 'Walk Away' From Democratic Party
Results Matter: PRESIDENT TRUMP Tops Obama in Approval Numbers at Same Point in His Presidency
California Governor Jerry Brown Releases 10,000 Pedophiles, Rapists From Prison
Walmart's 'Impeach 45' Apparel Draws Swift Outrage
Conservative Actor Dropped By 'liberal' Talent Agent on Fourth of July
Facebook Removes Declaration of Independence Excerpt for 'Hate Speech'
More Jihadists and Muslim Extremists Are Popping Up in Parts of the U.S.
Rare Copy of US Declaration of Independence Found in a British Archive Among Papers of Aristocrat
FBI's Peter Strzok May Ignore House Subpoena, Says His Lawyer
Constitutional Amendment to Display God's Law on Alabama's November Ballot
Soros Caught Hiring Crisis Actors To Stage ANTIFA Attacks
If America Is So Bad, Why Do They Keeping Coming Here?
Michael Moore And Bill Maher Realize They Are Trying To Start A Civil War With No Guns – video
Independence Forever: The Eternal Principles Behind the Declaration
California Separatists to Declare Independence on July 4th: ‘Stand Up Against American Occupation’
If We’re Nazis, Expect More Violence
Why Do We Celebrate the Fourth of July? With Will Witt – video
Backfire: Trump Soars 5 Points in IBD-TIPP Poll After Democrats Go Rabid
The Most Important Factor of All: Trump’s True Grit
#BoycottWalmart Trends Online After Superstore Sells ‘Impeach 45’ Products
Reuters Poll: Young White Americans Flee Democrat Party in Droves
Chuck Schumer Fail: 62% of Americans Want New Supreme Court Justice Before Midterms
Irving Texas - 40,000 Flags Going Up For 4th of July
Melania Trump Meets With Wounded Service Members on Unannounced Visit to Walter Reed
Lee Greenwood "God Bless the USA" – video of day
California Man Accused of Murder for Beheading Girlfriend with Samurai Sword
'I Just Love America': Man Transforms Front Lawn Into American Flag for July 4th – video
Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ‘Represents The Future of Our Party,’ DNC Chairman Tom Perez Says
Las Vegas Massacre: Body Cam Shows ‘Terrified’ Officer Avoid Confrontation with Stephen Paddock
Facebook Slammed For 'Censorship' of Country Group's Patriotic Song
Trump Interviews 4 Supreme Court Candidates as Leading Contenders Emerge
These Are Trump’s Two Top Picks For The Supreme Court
How Trump’s Supreme Court Pick Could Undo Kennedy’s Legacy – HOLLY NOTE: This is a terrific example of how progressives have gone unhinged, off-the-rails hyperbolic over the coming SCOTUS pick. Jeffrey Toobin put pen to paper in the New Yorker to stir up fear that the next (currently unselected) Justice would:
  • Make abortion illegal / Doctors and nurses prosecuted
  • Bar gay people from restaurants, hotels and stores
  • Guarantee fewer African American and Hispanics attend elite schools
  • Sanction execution by grotesque means
  • Prohibit states from engaging in gun control
  • Approve laws to hinder voting rights
  • Undermine the regulatory state

No wonder America is a divided country with Democrats using this issue as an irrational jumping off point. This is even before they see who the SCOTUS nominee is and automatically assume he or she can't be an impartial Constitutional judge. They are truly suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.
New York Times: Conservatives Have ‘Weaponized’ First Amendment
Trump is Winning Over Blacks, Hispanics, Millennials, and Even Gays
Obama Granted Citizenship to 2,500 Iranians Before Nuclear Deal
John McCain to Resign Senate Seat on the 4th of July, Says Aide. Cindy McCain Offered His Seat
Tucker: Rage Has Finally Consumed Progressives – HOLLY NOTE: This should set your hair on fire for where America could be headed. – video of day
Democratic Congressional Hopeful Picked The Wrong Campaign Website To Plagiarize
Fake News Man Brian Ross Out at ABC
It’s Not Socialism That Won, It’s Racism
Democratic Socialists Openly Calling For Communism After Ocasio-Cortez Win
Unsealed Documents Detail Tactics in Clinton Email Probe
Carrier USS Truman Deployed To Atlantic As Russian Submarine Activity Surges
Tammy Bruce: Maxine Waters Advances a Liberal Strategy With Her Call For Mob Action
Pirro on Protests vs. ICE, Trump: 'We are Witnessing the Evolution of a Socialist Coup' – video of day
Seattle Becomes First Major U.S. City to Ban Plastic Straws And Utensils
Waters 'Surprised' By Dem Leaders’ Snubs, Says Trump Won't Intimidate Her
Waters on Criticism from Pelosi and Schumer: Democratic Leadership ‘Will Do Anything’ to Protect Themselves
Steve Hilton: I Didn’t Get the True Genius of America’s Founders Till I Moved Here. Here’s What Worries Me Now.
Socialism Is Back, And It's Taking Over the Democratic Party
As the Left Goes Extreme, Millennials Find Themselves Agreeing With the Right – HOLLY NOTE: If you haven't lived in a socialist country as Stan and I both have, beware of those who romanticize it. Chances are the have zero firsthand experience. Keep in mind that truism that "Socialism is great until you run out of someone else's money."
Judge: Rosenstein’s ‘Any Links’ Mandate Empowers Mueller to Look at Virtually Any Russian Contact
America Really Did Have a Manchurian Candidate in the White House
As July Begins, At Least 10 Shot in Chicago Saturday to Sunday