Jan-June July-Dec
Jan-June July-Dec

EU Admits: Jihadist Terrorism Has Cost Economy Hundreds of Billions
Cash Smuggled to Jihadis in Middle East From Minneapolis Airport That Gave Muslims Security Tours
Colorado: Muslim “Refugee,” Former “Human Rights Worker,” Guilty of Supporting Jihad Terror Group
Alabama: Muslim Gets 15 Years For Jihad Plot to Blow Up Police Building
Ohio: Muslim Gets 16 Years For Supporting the Islamic State
Trudeau’s Canada Poses GRAVE Islamic Threat To America, Despite Naysayers. What’s Going On?
Germany on Edge as Muslim Migrant Arrested With Bio-Weapon That Could Have Caused Devastation That Is Unimaginable
Woman Shouting 'Allahu Akbar' Attacks 2 With Box Cutter At Supermarket in France
Soft Jihad in America
New Report Warns of Massive Terror Attacks Coming to Europe Soon After Self-Proclaimed Islamic Caliph Warned of Coming 'War Between the Crescent and the Cross'
Arab Media: For First Time, Iran Admits Connection to 9/11
Al Qaeda in North Africa Threatens Attacks on Western Companies – Somalia Terrorists Attack US Group, Kill One Special Forces Commando
UK’s Youngest Female Terror Plotter Convicted at 18 with Mum and Sister
Muslim Brotherhood’s Inroads into Germany and Europe in General – HOLLY NOTE: Don't lose site that Muslim extremists still plot your death. They will circle back and catch us unaware like they did on 9/11. They are a threat, whether it's ISIS, MB or some other Muslim group. Westerners must not be lulled into complacency just because we haven't been impacted by them recently. If we only knew how many terrorist plots were thwarted every week, no one would sleep at night. – video
Starting Jihad Early: Parents Film Under-5s Dressed as Heavily Armed Jihadis Storming an Israeli Building, Acting Out the Killing of an IDF Soldier
MAY 28
Amazon in Hot Water Over Manchester Bomber: Terrorist Who Killed 22 People Bought Chemicals For His Suicide Device Online Using Fake Names With No Security Checks
MAY 18
Terror Recruits in U.S. Dry Up, Rout on Battlefield Tarnishes Allure For Young Targets of ISIS
MAY 16
Minnesota: Somali Muslim Daycare Fraud Costing Taxpayers as Much as $100 Million a Year AND Funding Somali Terrorists
MAY 14
Suicide Bomber FAMILY: 13 Killed, 41 Injured After a Mother, Father and Their 4 Children as Young as 9 Blow Themselves Up in 'ISIS-Inspired' Attacks on 3 Christian Churches in Indonesia
5 Reasons Why ISIS Just Targeted Paris
France Defends Anti-Terrorism Strategy After Attack By Man On Watchlist
MAY 11
Justice Served: Terrorist Gets Blown Up By His Own Bomb
Jeff Dunham's "Meet Achmed the Dead Terrorist" – video humor
ISIS Terrorists Threaten to Behead President Trump as New York City Burns in Latest Propaganda Poster About 'War' With the U.S.
Lafayette College ISIS Threat: Read Jafar Saleem Tweets
High School Student, 17, Charged With Terror Offences After FBI Foils ISIS-Inspired Mass Shooting at Texas shOpping Mall Planned For This Month
Iranian-Backed Cells Pose ‘Direct Threat to US Homeland’
Dozens of Illegals Caught in Texas ... After Coming From ISIS Recruiting Grounds
ISIS Fanatics Turn Terrified Captured Syrian Soldier Into Missile By Attaching Bomb to His Head and Hurling Him From Building
Muslim Migrant Lived Illegally in UK, Aspired to Plot Jihad Massacre, Aided Islamic State Communications
APR 30
NYPD Chief Warns of 'Terrorism For Dummies': Unpredictable Lone-Wolf Attacks Are the Future
APR 26
'Incel Rebellion': The Toronto Suspect Apparently Posted About It
APR 23
Van Mows Down Pedestrians in Toronto Leaving at Least 9 Dead, 16 Injured
Driver in Custody
APR 20
US Warns of Growing African Terror Threat
APR 19
ISIS Nutballs Produce Chilling Propaganda Poster Showing Donald Trump as Prisoner in Orange Jumpsuit as Terrorists Threaten West With Drive-By Shootings
Rhetoric Aside, the US Commitment to Preventing Nuclear Terrorism Is Waning
APR 18
Iranian-Backed ‘Sleeper Cell’ Militants Hibernating in U.S., Positioned for Attack on Homeland
APR 17
ISIS Threatens to Bomb New York’s Subway
APR 16
US and Afghan Forces Kill 22 Islamic State Fighters in Northern Afghanistan Raid
APR 13
Terror by Shipping Container
Devout Muslima Caught with USB Containing Identities of 2,626 French Intelligence Officials
APR 11
Muslim Group Sues to Block Trump Terrorism Report
MAR 30
Defying US, PA Returns to Directly Financing Convicted Terrorists
MAR 23
France Hostage Crisis: Police Shoot Supermarket Gunman Dead
'ISIS' Gunman in France 'kills Two, Injures Dozen'
Demands Release Of Paris Attacker
U.S. Muslim Guilty of Trying to Start ISIS Cell
Germany Stalls Iran Talks Over Labeling Hezbollah As Terrorists
MAR 14
‘Hezbollah Is a Threat to Florida and Entire US’
ISIS-Inspired Utah Teen Tried to Blow Up High School, Police Say

British ISIS Jihadis 'Creating Deadly Ricin and Anthrax Bio-Weapons in Secret Terror Labs to Poison Food and Water Supplies’
New Jersey: Seattle Muslim Accused of Terrorism Standing Trial in 1 of 4 Jihad Killings
Missouri: Muslim Woman Pleads Guilty, Threatened Military & Families on Behalf of ISIS
The Most Ridiculous Logic on Terrorism You've Ever Heard
ISIS Suspects Arrested After US Embassy in Turkey Closed Due To 'Security Threat'
EU Wants Internet Firms To Delete Terrorist Content Within One Hour
Marine Le Pen Indicted for Sharing ISIS Pictures on Twitter
FEB 28
11 Ill After Suspicious Letter Arrives At Military Base in Virginia
Muslim Terrorists Are Using Bitcoin for Anonymous Donations
Convert to Islam Sentenced for Trying to Join ISIS
Al-Qaeda Recruitment Methods Revealed
US Embassy Attack Foiled in Jordan
FEB 26
Islamic State Sympathizer Pleads Guilty In Terrorism Case
Abbas Threatens U.S. with ‘Terrorists’
How American Dollars End Up Funding Terror and That Terror Claims American Lives
FEB 20
Europe’s Future Nightmare: the ‘Baby Muhammad’ Jihad
Russia: Muslim Leaders Say Muslim Who Killed 5 at Church While Screaming “Allahu akbar” has “Nothing to Do With Islam”
FEB 19
Gunman 'Shouting Allahu Akbar' Kills 5 Women and Wounds 5 Others As He Opens Fire on Worshippers Leaving Russian Church Service
FEB 16
Twin Brothers Arrested in NYC on Explosives Charges After Authorities Find Bomb-Making Materials
Maryland: Muslim Was Looking to Bomb Federal Buildings in Baltimore
UN Report: 'Al-Qaeda Remarkably Resilient' While ISIS Crumbles
ISIS, Still Active, Has Collected Travel and ID Documents Plus Several Thousand Blank Syrian Passports
New ISIS Threat: 'We Want Paris'
DHS Secretary: About 70 Terrorists Try to Enter the US Daily - ‘That’s 500 a Week, 2,000 a Year’
This Program Stops Terrorists From Entering the US and Should Be Expanded
Americans In ISIS: Some 300 Tried to Join, 12 Have Returned to U.S.
FBI Confirms Jihadi Training Camps In America: Think-Tank Report – HOLLY NOTE: 23 pages – including maps and locations – in
Prophetic Perils: End Time Events Revealed are devoted to this very topic and how it will be one cornerstone of America's downfall if something isn't done to remove them.
Super Bowl Anti-Terrorism Documents Left on Plane
Train Track Cyberattacks? 3 Crashes In 49 Days Raise Security Concerns
Tell Trump: Say No to Muslim Brotherhood in US
Trump Is Rolling Back Obama’s Policies Which Made It Difficult, If Not Virtually Impossible, for Law Enforcement to Surveil Potential Muslim Terrorists and Monitor Mosques
JAN 30
7 Potential Terrorists a Day Try to Enter the U.S.: DHS Chief
Driver Trying to 'Run People Down' Shot by Off-Duty Cop in Philly
JAN 29
New ISIS Video Sings to U.S. Jihadists: 'Now Time to Rise, Slit Throats'
Afghanistan Mourns After Taliban Slaughter More Than 100 with Ambulance Bomb
JAN 26
The Little-Known Episode of Islamist Terror Training Camps in the Colorado Rocky Mountains Part 1
Trump Planning to Sign Executive Order Keeping Gitmo Open: Report
JAN 19
ISIS Releases Propaganda Video of Invasion of Washington
JAN 11
Palestinian Authority Paid Terrorists Nearly $350 Million in 2017