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Jan-June July-Dec

Solar Wind Quickens
Scientists Confirm That Mysterious Radio Signals From Outer Space Aren't Made By Humans
Monster Black Hole's Jet Has 125B Times More Energy Than Sun: Scientists Say New Findings a Surprise
Opportunity Has 'Fallen Asleep': NASA Says The Team Is 'Very Concerned' as 15-Year-Old Mars Rover Continues to Be Slammed By Dust In Days-Long Megastorm Bigger Than North America And Russia Combined
"Unprecedented" – Wednesday NASA Live Streams News Event on Mars Dust Storm Combined Size of North America & Russia
Small Asteroid Hits Earth Hours After Being Spotted By Astronomers
MAY 18
Evidence That Planet X (Now 9) DOES Exist Piles Up as Experts Spot a Distant Object With an 'Extraordinary Orbit'
Huge Asteroid to Skim Past Earth on Day of Royal Wedding
Astronomers Lost Track Of Nearly 900 Asteroids That Could Be on Deadly Collision Course With Earth
MAY 17
Astronomers Find 13 Billion-Year-Old Signs of Early Stars
MAY 16
Life on Europa? NASA Reveals 'Strange Signatures' Spotted By Galileo Spacecraft 20 Years Ago Suggest It Flew Through a Giant Plume of WATER  
Lost Asteroid Returns to Earth
Stephen Hawking's Final Theory About the Big Bang: Universe Is Finite and Far Simpler Than Previously Thought
Sunspots Vanishing Faster Than Expected
APR 26
NASA Says the Solar Flare That Caused a Radio Blackout Last September Was The Biggest Flare in a Decade – HOLLY NOTE: Very unusual that this occurred near solar minimum.
APR 23
Flythrough of the Lagoon Nebula – video of week
APR 19
Avoiding Armageddon: Scientists Experiment With Ways to Destroy or Redirect Threats From Space
APR 16
Massive Asteroid Shocked Scientists By Surprise Flyby Between Earth and the Moon
Impact Crater or a Supervolcano? Astronomers Baffled By Mystery 50 Mile-Wide Hole on Mars
The Sun is Bombarding Earth with Strange Patterns of Gamma Rays—and No One Knows Why
The Center of the Milky Way Is Teeming With Black Holes
"Looking Back in Deep Time" --Astronomers Discover 4,000 Galaxies of the Infant Universe
SpaceX Launches 7th Successful Mission This Year With Space Station Resupply
MAR 30
nd Blue Moon of 2018 to Coincide With Easter Weekend – video
Scientists Are Baffled By Mysterious Galaxy That Seems to Be Missing Its Dark Matter
MAR 29
There is a 9
th Planet 10x the Size of Earth Lurking at Edge of the Solar System in Mysterious Kuiper Belt
2009 Interview of Facebook's CEO – video
A Star Has Been Seen Exploding Faster Than Any Other on Record
The Milky Way Appears to be Swarming With Venus-Like Exoplanets --"May Hold the Secret of Earth's Fate"
Weirdly Dimmable 'Alien Megastar' Darkens Again
MAR 16
Geomagnetic Storm March 14 2018 – video
MAR 14
Big Gash Opens in the Sun's Atmosphere – 55% Chance of NOAA of G1-Class Geomagnetic Storms March 14
th or 15th
Mysterious Signals Comes from Very Old Stars at Center of Our Galaxy
15 New Planets Confirmed Around Cool Dwarf Stars
MAR 13
Massive Solar Storm That Will Slam Earth Tomorrow Could Knockout Power Supplies, Damage Satellites and Trigger Stunning Auroras
A Massive Geomagnetic Storm Is Going to Hit Earth on March 18
Cosmic Rays Are Bad–And They're Getting Worse
Leftover Energy from the Big Bang Confounds Scientists
A Skyscraper-Sized Asteroid Just Cruised By Earth – Watch It Fly By In This Video
Night Turned into Day: Dazzling Meteor Blazes Across Sky in Russian Urals
Solar Minimum is Coming
NASA: "Unique Alien Planet Found to Have Abundance of Water"
Search for First Stars Uncovers 'Dark Matter'
FEB 27
Mining for Asteroids Will Be the Next Gold Rush
"A Huge Surprise" – Ultra-Dense Neutron Stars Light Up the Universe: 'A Teaspoon Would Weigh a Billion Tons'
FEB 15
Sunspot Explodes, Hurls Giant CME At Earth
Why the Sun Is Growing Dim
A SOLAR MINIMUM SUNSPOT: With Solar Minimum right around the corner, sunspot counts are at an almost 10-year low. Surprisingly yesterday a relatively large sunspot emerged. AR2699 has a primary dark core larger than Earth with many smaller magnetic condensations trailing behind it, in all stretching over 47,000 miles across the sun's surface. Rare "solar minimum sunspots" are capable of intense explosions just like sunspots during more active phases of the solar cycle. AR2699 is crackling with minor B- and C-class solar flares, notable only because of the sun's recent tomb-like silence. This time-lapse movie from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory shows unrest deep inside the sunspot's core. Could this spark a stronger solar flare as AR2699 turns toward Earth? No one can say. Because of its size, the active region is an easy target for amateur astronomers with backyard solar telescopes.
These May Be the First Planets Found Outside Our Galaxy
Flat-Earth Rocketeer Fails to Launch (Again)
JAN 29
Super Blue Blood Moon Prowls Across the Sky Tomorrow Night
JAN 18
Super Blue Blood Moon in the Sky After 150 Years. Here's What You Need to Know
‘Potentially Hazardous’ Asteroid Will Zoom By Earth In February 
JAN 17
Meteor Confirmed in Skies Over Midwest, Causes 2.0 Magnitude Earthquake
JAN 12
Take a 360º Incredible Tour of the Milky Way
Huge Water Reserves Found All Over Mars
Put Telescopes on the Far Side of the Moon --"Our Best Chance to Glimpse the Beginnings of the Universe"
Cosmic Dust, Not 'Alien Megastructure,' Veils Mysterious Star
NASA Scientists Baffled --"On Mars Methane, a Sign of Life on Earth, Changes Inexplicably with the Seasons"