A week ago yesterday we heard the unmistakable drone of military choppers overhead. It's fairly common to see a couple of transport planes or choppers traversing the skies between Ft. Carson in Colorado Springs and Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site in SE Colorado. PCMS is a vast training site for Ft. Carson Army personnel. In our 17 years in this home, Stan and I've never seen this amount of activity. We have to wonder, what are the readying for… Based on the unrest and activity in NKorea, that's our bet. See North Korea's Punggye-Ri Nuclear Test Site Showing 'Significant Tunneling' Activity

Normally we wouldn't post photos so large, but it was necessary. Otherwise the gunships would have looked like a spread-out flock of birds. Though this image is still 1600 pixels wide, be glad the original wasn't posted because it was over 4000px.