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If the GOP Controls the Government, Why Does Planned Parenthood Still Get Federal Funding?
Infection-Fighting Herbs
Time to Pay Attention: CDC Begins Instructing Public on How to Survive Nuclear War – HOLLY NOTE: Dare To Prepare covers nuclear war protection in-depth. It IS a very survivable scenario; however, you must know what to do and make preparations in advance. Like government did for public disaster prep saying people need only keep 72 hours of food and water on hand (tell that to victims of Hurricanes Katrina, Harvey and Rita) once again they are downplaying vital safety measures. The general length of time to shelter in place depends on how close you were to detonation and wind direction and it's certainly longer than 24 hours. It also involves more than closing the door behind you and curling up with a good book while fallout falls overhead. Dare To Prepare lays out in easy-to-understand language how to correctly shelter in place as well as how to safely 'walk away' from radiation fallout.
US Flu Season Proves Unusually Severe So Far
CDC: 46 States Report Widespread Influenza Activity, Compared to Just 12 States at This Time Past Year
Severe Flu Brings Medicine Shortages, Packed ERs and a Rising Death Toll in California
Here's How Alcohol Can Damage DNA and Increase Cancer Risk
Bird Flu Scare in India: 900 Fowls Culled after H5N1 Avian Flu Virus Is Detected
Trump's Top 8 Pro-Life Victories Listed as Operation Rescue Names Him 'Pro-Life Person of the Year'
The Race to Sell New Diabetes Technology to Medicare Patients
Planned Parenthood Embraces Transgender Hormone Therapy – Organization Attempt to 'Diversify' in Wake of Dwindling U.S. Abortion Rate
Brooklyn Boy, 10, Creates Drag Club for Kids
Ancient Origin of Hepatitis B Virus Linked to 16th Century Child Mummy
New Advocacy Group Takes Aim at Family That Profited Billions off the Opioid Crisis – HOLLY NOTE: To be clear, the outrage is not that a group took them on, but that the Sackler family made $13 billion at the expense of peoples' health.
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Hospitals Can Keep Botched Surgeries, Alleged Rapes Secret
Why Do People Get the Flu After Getting the Flu Shot? – HOLLY NOTE: This article left out a couple of other reasons. 1) The flu shot manufacturers misjudged what strain to protect against. 2) The virus had mutated sufficiently since first appearing in Asia that the vaccine wasn't effective. On a personal note, Stan and I both got flu shots, but his was the 'super dose' for those over 65. He is in the midst of a horrible case of flu, but thankfully not the deadly H3N2 strain. Unfortunately, Stan's also developed pneumonia. Nationwide, this strain accounts for 90% of all flu cases. After being around him 24/7 for 8 or 9 days of his illness, I've not caught it. Knock on wood. Go figure.
Taking Folic Acid While Pregnant Linked to Lower Autism Risk in Children: Study
Infant Mortality Is Highest in These States
Study Says That Eating Fish Improves Kids' IQ Scores
Hospitals Are Turning Flu Patients Away
The GOP's ObamaCare Dilemma
Planned Parenthood: We Did 321,384 Abortions; Got $543.7 Million in Tax Dollars
Scientists Find Alzheimer’s Treatment While Trying to Cure Diabetes
Doctors Discover Breakthrough Which Could End UTIs
Wisdom from an Old Man for Your Journey into 2018