Control the oil and you can control entire Continents. Control food and you control people. — former Secy. of State Henry Kissinger, 1974

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Jan-June July-Dec

Oregon Residents Warned of 'Civil Emergency' Over Toxins From Massive Rise in Algae Blooms
Thirsty Venezuelans Forced to Pay for Water As Army Takes Over
Threshold for Harmful Chemicals In Drinking Water Lower Than Thought: Study
This Guy Served His Friends Tacos Made from His Own Amputated Leg
Western Water Strategy Shifting From ‘Use It or Lose It,’ to ‘Waste Not, Want Not’
India Facing 'Worst Water Crisis In Its History'
California, the World's 5
th-Largest Economy, Has a Third World Drinking Water Problem
California's New Water Restrictions Send Residents Fleeing To Saner States
Are We Fostering Food or Famine?
‘Bee Saving Paper’ is an Ingenious Way to Save Hungry Pollinators Around the World
Flooding and Rising Seas Threaten America's Oldest Farmland – HOLLY NOTE: Sad to say, folks often dismiss news items regarding farmers and truckers. People think food magically appears on their table. That is why we pray daily and thank those who provide our meals from field to fork. Think about it. If either of these avenues fail, most people would starve.
Now It’s Against the Law in California to Shower and Do Laundry on the Same Day
Effects of E.coli Outbreak in Lettuce Ripple Through U.S. Food-Supply Chain
MAY 28
200,000+ Pounds of Spam Recalled After Possible Contamination With Metal Pieces
Red Alert: UK Farmers Warn of Soft Fruit Shortage
Mussels Test Positive For Opioids in Seattle's Puget Sound
Chicken Safety Fear As Chlorine Washing Fails Bacteria Tests
MAY 24
The Politics Surrounding GMOs: Bureaucrats Don’t Care About The Environment And Are More Interested In Money
MAY 17
After 3 Fairly Wet Years, “Severe” to “Exceptional” Drought Grips the Southwest – More Bad News For Grain
Could Meat Made of Plants Ever Fool You?
APR 30
Romaine Lettuce Outbreak Update: 98 People Sick In 22 States
APR 26
Romaine Lettuce Outbreak Is a Virulent One in an Already Busy 2018
APR 23
Pot Cultivation Damaging CA Water Supply
APR 20
CDC: Throw Out All of Your Romaine Lettuce, It Could Have E. Coli – HOLLY NOTE: This is one reason we grow our own organically, which is already up 2 inches. Lettuce is super easy to grow, hardy and is happy even in spring snows. Nobody wants a topping of poo with their lettuce, which seems to be a yearly thing now. $$ savings and the convenience of always having it on hand are two other reasons to grow yours in a bed or pot.
American Family Farms Face Uncertain Future – video
APR 17
UPDATE: Hepatitis A Illnesses Prompt Recall of Frozen Strawberries
Starbucks Boycott Has People Posting Other Coffee Pix
Water Week a Prime Opportunity to Emphasize Critical Water Needs
Could YOU Survive on Bugs? Early Humans Feasted on Termite Nests When Insects Made Up HALF of Their Diets
APR 16
207 Million Eggs in 9 States Recalled Over Salmonella Fears
E. Coli Outbreak Linked to Chopped Lettuce Sickens Dozens Across 11 States
Breakthrough CRISPR Gene Editing Trial Set to Begin This Year
Thrive Market – Save 25 - 50% on Organic Brands You Love – HOLLY NOTE: We haven't tried this company, it might be worth investigating in light of all the GM foods being sold. They ship everything directly to you.
APR 13
Mainstream Media Finally Admits U.S. Honey Is Contaminated With Glyphosate Weed Killer (Roundup)
Cities Around The World Should Prepare For Running Out Of Water, Experts Say
APR 11
Canned Tuna Contains Up to 100x More Zinc Than Is Safe, Study Finds
The Joys and Gifts of Gardening
10 Vegetables to Plant in Spring to Kickstart Your Garden
MAR 30
California Judge Rules Starbucks, Other Coffee Companies Must Add Cancer Warning Labels
The Science of a Vanishing Planet
MAR 27
New Menu Item Coming Soon: Lab Grown Frankenmeat Expected By End of Year
MAR 26
Fast Food Worker Caught on Camera Spitting in Customer's Wrap for a 'Dare'
MAR 16
Multistate Salmonella Kratom Outbreak Rises to 87 Sick, 27 Hospitalized
MAR 14
Human DNA Found in Hot Dogs, But Private Genomics Lab Censors Brand Names to Appease Food Industry
India Slashes Monsanto's GMO Seed Royalty, Says US Firm 'Free to Leave' Anytime
MAR 12
Better Safe Than Sorry? Costco Selling Doomsday Kits With a 25-Year Shelf Life That Can Feed the Whole Family for a Year
Famous Atheist: Let's Eat Human Meat – HOLLY NOTE: We've hit new lows with disgusting behavior. See 2 Timothy 3:3. Many Evangelicals will not look at any Bible other than the King James, but we figure you guys got the message already s weo aim to reach those that need to hear God's message and warnings in a digestible form. Unfortunately many that ascribe to KJV only think it sets them above and apart from the rest of God's children. It doesn't change the core message of scripture that Yeshua is God's only Son, He died for our sins and He is the only way to salvation. That is the BIG message. Time is short and we must reach every willing ear, no matter how far flung. Feed the belly first, then the soul. We are speaking to those that need God's word in understandable English, explained in real terms, so consider the big picture about winning souls. ET
FEB 27
'Noah's Ark' Seed Vault Chalks Up a Million Crop Varieties
FEB 12
11 Cities Most Likely to Run Out of Drinking Water - Like Cape Town
Future Cancer Treatments May Come with Dietary Recommendation: Eat Less Asparagus, Potatoes, Seafood
SKorea's Dirty Secret: While at the Olympics, You Can Buy a Bowl of Dog Soup for $8
Amazon Can Now Deliver Whole Foods Groceries to Your Doorstep in Under 2 Hours
Lethal Pneumonia Outbreak Caused By Low Chlorine In Flint Water
Cape Town Tightens Water Restrictions as 'Day Zero' Looms
JAN 29
When San Jose Market's Raw Meat Supply Comes By Stacked Shopping Cart, Time to Investigate
JAN 17
The Water Scarcity Problem That’s Destroying Countries
Love Your Coffee? Think Twice About Drinking It on Airplanes
JAN 12
Research Shows More Than 170 Million Exposed to Radium In Drinking Water
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Chefs and Servers Reveal the Biggest Ripoffs Restaurants Sell
Woman, 55, Dies After Eating Raw Oysters and Contracting Flesh-Eating Bacteria – warning: graphic images
10 Things to Include in Your Greenhouse
Another Campaign Pledge Fulfilled: Trump Dumps More Water into California’s Farms
New Craze Among Elitist Libs In Silicon Valley: “Raw Water”
Price of Tomatoes Going Up Due to Nationwide Shortage – HOLLY NOTE: All the more reason to grow your own. Starting last month, seed catalogs began pouring in. Now would be a great time to plant seeds for your own starts to grow a plant or two inside in containers. Then in Spring or when weather permits, move them to your deck or patio, or plant them in your garden. The specialized Super Soil recipe in Garden Gold will make them thrive and be more nutritious and delicious than you can imagine. Every year Stan and I dread having to eat store bought, cardboard-tasteless tomatoes. Grow your own! Easy solution.