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Current US Drought Map – HOLLY NOTE: As Stan discussed on the Hagmann Report last Tuesday, this is a tough year for gardening. Our tomato plants are about 15 inches shorter than normal. When there are tomatoes, they're green and not ripening. So far we've gotten only 4 when there should be LOTS by now. Even the Early Girls are super slow. After Tuesday's show a number of people wrote saying they're experiencing the same thing. A few articles down you'll see two heart-breaking emails from people in northern Europe ravaged by drought.
Drought Creates Perfect Storm For Wildfires in US West
Building Heat in PCNW to Aggravate Drought, Enhance Fire Danger Through The Weekend
This Patch of Water Can Predict Southwest Drought
Sweden Seeks European Commission’s Help For Farmers Facing Historic Drought
Norway's Drought Forcing Owners to Put Down Their Animals
Severe Drought in The Netherlands
Puerto Rico’s Deadly Record Blackout Is Almost Over
Yes, Steamboat Geyser Keeps Erupting. No, No One Knows Why
Hurricane Chris Forms, Rapidly Intensifies Off East Coast
Rescuers Race Against Time as Death Toll in Western Japan Floods Rises to at Least 176
Residents Shocked By Scale of Destruction Say Recovery Could Take Years
Monsoon Storms, Haboobs Fire Up Across Arizona – video
As Blazes Rage On, Worst Fire Weather of Season Is Ahead for California and Much of Western US
Toxic Algae, Seaweed And Red Tide Threatening Florida Waters And Beaches
Rescuers Race to Find Survivors After Japan Floods Kill At Least 112, Several Million People Forced From Their Homes
Scenes of Chaos…
Beryl to Raise Risk of Flooding in Puerto Rico, Caribbean Despite Weakening
Chris to Become Hurricane Off Coast: Path, Impact
Heat to Once Again Surge Across Northeastern US Early This Week
All-Time Heat Records Are Being Broken as Worldwide As Heatwave Continues
Super Typhoon Maria Could Pose a Danger to Japan, Taiwan and China
Turkey Train Derailment Kills at Least 10, Injures More Than 70 After Heavy Rain Sunday
Israel to Hold Emergency Meeting on Earthquake Preparedness, Know the Big One Is Coming ET Rev. 6:12-15, Rev. 8:5, Rev. 11:11-13, Rev 16:17-21
Only 4 "Significant" Earthquakes in the Last 30 Days – HOLLY NOTE: Seismic pressure is building worldwide. In the last 30 days there has been only ONE Richter 6 temblor. If you set the USGS map parameters to "30 Days, Significant Worldwide", only 4 come up, which includes that 6.1 in Vanuatu that regularly gets larger shakers, a couple of 5's in Guatemala and Japan, and a 4.4 in Oklahoma. This isn't to say other EQs haven't taken place, but nothing of importance. There is zero happening, which could mean something big is coming.
Related: Lori Dengler: Terra Not So Firma: A 2018 Midterm Report – HOLLY NOTE: A few hours after jotting the above note, this confirming news item came in.
Colorado's 3
rd Largest Ever Wildfire Fire Burns Over 100,000 Acres: For Hundreds of Spring Creek Fire Evacuees, “There’s Been a lot of Heartache”
Tropical Storm Beryl Forms, Expected to Weaken Before Hitting Caribbean
Heat, Humidity to Return to Northeastern US Next Week
Rare Double Waterspout Formation Seen From Florida Beach – video
Road Liquifies, Strands Drivers: It Was So Bad People Abandoned Their Cars – video
Record-Breaking Heat Isn't Just Uncomfortable – It's Killing People in Canada and the U.S.
Apocalyptic Sight: Red Rain Strikes Parking Lot – video
California’s Climate Extremism
Houston Floods Again – HOLLY NOTE: And this is one of the top 2 U.S. cities Americans are moving to.
Calif. Wildfire in Yolo County Grows to 86,000 Acres With Containment at 27%
Dozens of Major Western Wildfires Burning Now
Heatwave 2018: Think It’s Hot Here? Record Highs Leave World Baking
Wildfire Destroys Over 100 Colorado Homes Ahead of Holiday
Network Coverage of Wildfire Ceases Once Suspect Is Revealed as Illegal Alien – HOLLY NOTE: While media are still reporting on Colorado's Spring Park fire, they now omit that an illegal started it.
Spring Fire Burns 104 Homes, Grows to Over 84,000 Acres
Record-Breaking Heat Wave Turns Deadly in Southern Canada, Eastern US
US Wildfires Burning Now
Evacuations Ordered in California – 'It Looks Like a Movie': Skies turn an Eerie Hue
2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Now Expected to Be Less Active, According to CSU's Updated July Outlook
Bridge-Breaking Heat: Chicago Fire Department Hoses Down Bridges as Sweltering Temperatures Expand Metal and Block River Access on Day 4 of Suffocating Heat Dome - With No End in Sight
July 2018 Weather: 4 Things to Watch
'Relentless' Heat Wave to Grip Northeastern US into July 4
Heatwave Melted Roads in Ireland and the U.K.
Increased Fire Danger to Plague Southwestern US into July 4 as Destructive Blazes Burn
Is Alaska's Cleveland Volcano About To Blow? Scientists Fear It Could Explode in DAYS and Cause Air Travel Chaos
6.1 Earthquake Strikes Pacific Coast of Mexico
'The Big One': California on Verge Of Mega-Quake