If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.
—Will Rogers, 1897-1935

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Not So Bird Brained After All: Crows Can Make Tools From Memory and Will Even Improve On Their Own Designs Over Time
Wife of U-Haul Billionaire Allegedly Dumps Sick Dogs On Charity, Agrees To Pay Medical Bills After Nasty Spat – HOLLY NOTE: These billionaires belong in the Hall of Shame. What cruel, selfish people. If we ever need to rent a truck, it won't be from U-Haul.
Dozens of Dead Baby Hammerhead Sharks Found At Hawaii's Sand Island Boat Ramp PIC
Dog Performs CPR on 'Collapsed' Officer
'Soccer-roo' Makes Social Media Splash After Disrupting Canberra Match
Runaway Pup Survived on the Street For 3 Years Before Being Reunited With Her Family
Koko, Gorilla Famed For Using Sign Language And Crying Over Pet Kitten, Dead at 46
April the Giraffe May Be Pregnant Again
Runaway Pup Survived on the Street For 3 Years Before Being Reunited With Her Family
Dogs Are Smarter Than Cats, New Study Shows
Tiny, Faithful Dog Waits All Night With Missing 3-Year-Old in Cornfield Until Help Arrives
Lonely Dog Plays Fetch With Itself When Owner Says He's Too Tired
Jellyfish Sting More Than 1000 People in Florida Over 4-Day Period
Dog Named Valor Gets Second Chance At Life After Surviving Euthanasia
Raccoon Set Free After Scaling 25-Story Building in Minnesota
Good Boy! Encouraging Your Dog Can Boost Its Ability to Solve Complex Problems, Researchers Say
Bison Charges Crowd, Gores Woman at Yellowstone
Bill to Allow Importing of Exotic Animals For Hunting Shut Down By Rhode Island Lawmakers
Mystery Solved: Toddler Caught on Camera Escaping Bed With Help of Her 2 Pet Pups – video
Do Whales and Dolphins Grieve For Their Dead? Scientists Claim Mothers Carry Around the Lifeless Bodies of Deceased Offspring For Days Because They 'Can't Let Go'
Pint-Sized Puppy Can't Resist Taking Ride on Her Owner’S New Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Real-life Yogi Filmed 'sitting Like a Human' at a Picnic Table in Alaska
Police Dog That Had His Throat Slashed By On-the-Run Crook Is Saved By Fellow Service Dog Who Donated Half of His Own Blood
Meet Barkley, the Adorable 'Ranch Manager' Great Dane Who Cares For Wild Horses Rescued From Unloving Homes And Auctions - And Even Gives Them Hugs
Heartwarming Video Shows Moment Mama Deer Rescues Her Frightened Fawn After It Becomes Terrified Crossing a Road
Puppy Gets Head Stuck in Dryer Vent, Owner Gets Creative to Save Her
O.J. the Blind Dachshund and His "Guide Dog" Dozer Have Found a Forever Home
Another Dog Found Dead After Cross-Country Flight
Angry Moose Chases Golf Cart in Utah – video
MAY 28
Cat Viciously Slaps Sleeping Dog – video
MAY 25
Paws Please! World's Nicest Dog Politely Requests Owner's Attention By Repeatedly Tapping Her Computer
Goats at Work: Savannah Turns to More Natural Clearing Method
How Did Dino-Era Birds Survive the Asteroid 'Apocalypse'?
Hilarious Moment a Woman Runs for Safety as Almost a Hundred Cows Cause Havoc on a Residential Street After Escaping From a Nearby Farm
MAY 24
Heroic Military Dogs Honored With K-9 Medal of Courage – video
Wyoming Approves First Grizzly Bear Hunt in 44 Years
MAY 23
Rattlesnake Plunges From Tree Into Kayak, Then Starts Attacking The Kayaker, SC Fire Chief Says
Man Hit His Dog With Baseball Bat Because He Ate His Whopper
MAY 22
Hot Cars 'Cooking' More Kids and Pets
Journalists Band Together to Rescue Dog Clinging to Rock in Floodwaters – video
Interior Proposes Hunting in Wildlife Refuges
MAY 18
Which Raw Bone for Your Dog – HOLLY NOTE: This article makes some good points, but under no circumstances do our dogs ever get poultry bones. Here are some other tips from our first 2 Kelpies of what not to eat. It may save your dog's life.
Guy Takes Advantage of Toys ‘R’ Us Closing Sale to Make Giant Ball Pit For His Dog in His Hallway – HOLLY NOTE: The sheer joy this Husky experiences once he gets the hang of it, will bring a smile to your face. – video
MAY 16
Hero Dog Rescues His Pal From Drowning in Pool in Viral Video
Scientists Discover the Origin of the Amphibian 'Apocalypse' That's Killing Hundreds of Species - They Say the Korean War Could Be to Blame – HOLLY NOTE: And all along environmentalists blamed it on human-caused global warming.
Dogs in Loveland, Ohio Take Epic Selfie
MAY 14
Ohio Shelter Dog's 'Freedom Ride' Photo Goes Viral
Mushroom Hunters Find a 2-Headed Fawn in a Minnesota Fores – First Conjoined Deer to Have Ever Reached Full Term
MAY 11
Endangered Wolf Pups Born at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
Funny Cats Compilation – video
Angry Cop Violently Yanks His K-9 Partner's Leash Because the Dog 'Failed to Find Anything Suspicious' in a Car They Pulled Over For Having Tinted Windows
Cause of Young, Starving Pelicans Appearing in Calif. Counties Remains a Mystery
Cats vs Roomba – video
Thousands of Pets Find Forever Homes in BISSELL Pet Foundation’s Nationwide Free Adoption Event
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14 Beautiful Animals That Could Disappear in Your Lifetime
Devoted Dog Waits at Train Station Every Day For 12 Hours So He Can Excitedly Greet His Owner
Wave of Huge Alligators Wreaking Havoc Across Southern States
Blind Dachshund and His Pit Bull Pal Are Reunited Again and Looking for a Forever Home After Adoption Went Horribly Wrong
Adorable Mob of Thirsty Kangaroos Swamp Woman Holding a Milk Bottle as She Tries to Feed Them
Super Cute Baby Pandas Get Their Names as They Turn 6 Months Old
Duck Returns for 10th Year to Hatch Eggs at Elementary School
APR 23
Hilarious Differences Between Cats and Dogs
APR 20
Southern California Tortoise With Cracked Shell Gets $4,000 Repair
APR 19
House Panel Considers Ban on Killing Dogs and Cats for Meals
Family Tries Euthanizing Cat After It Walked 12 Miles to Return Home
APR 18
Burger King Trained Guide Dog to Sniff Out Whoppers
Dog Who Fought Deer ‘Arrested’ for Being a Very Bad Boy
Thousands of Toads Appear on the Streets of Zigong, China
APR 17
Raw Pet Food Recalled Due to Possible Listeria Contamination
APR 16
Male Hummingbirds 'Sing' With Their Tail-Feathers And Perform High-Speed Dives to Woo Potential Mates
APR 13
Volunteers Never Gave Up on Severely Injured Squirrel—Now in a Loving Home With Hot New Wheels
Only in New York City: Large Raccoon Prompts 911 Calls About Tiger Roaming Street
APR 11
Cats: Results of This Study Are Appalling, Be Careful
50+ Dead Geese Plummet From The Sky in 'Freak Accident'
Courageous and Clever Dog Walks Himself 3 Miles to a Veterinarian – on 3 Legs
Glacier Park Bear Camera Captivates the World
11-Foot Alligator Caught in Florida Pool – video
MAR 30
Bear's Human-Like Behavior as He Relishes Snow Falling Around Him Will Melt Your Heart – video
MAR 23
Colorado Has Reported 45 Rabid Animals: 44 Skunks and 1 Alpaca in Douglas County
MAR 21
The Life He Lived: Photos of the Last Male Northern White Rhino
MAR 20
United Airlines Temporarily Suspends Transport of Pets in Cargo Holds
MAR 19
Dino Dog! World’s Biggest Puppy Bred to Recreate Extinct 7,000-Year-Old Monster Dog – 6Ft Tall at Just 9 Months
How to Safely Travel With Pets
Widespread Dog Flu Across Country, Multiple Strains Reported
MAR 16
How Do Airlines Measure Up With Pet Care? United Has More Than 3x the Number of Pet Deaths Than ALL Other Airlines Combined. – video of day
MAR 15
Now United Mistakenly Sends Family's Dog to Japan Instead of Kansas
Dog's Death on United flight Could Lead To Criminal Charges
For the Love – of Dogs and Cats: Factoids
Rescued Blind Beagle Loves Life With New Family – video
MAR 14
Dog Dies After United Flight Attendant Forces Him into Overhead Bin – HOLLY NOTE: When Stan and I moved home from Australia in 2001 with our two canines, we had initially booked on United. Thankfully, before it was too late, Stan looked into airlines' safety records for traveling pets. What he found was horrifying. United's history of pet deaths was on of the worst with dogs even left on the tarmac to roast – even higher than current statistics. It cost $5000 more to fly Qantas, but so worth it. At least our 4-legged family members would be safe. For animals unaccustomed to flying, it can be especially traumatic. On a flight 14 hours long, it can be a death sentence. In this instance, depending on time of day, flights from Houston to LaGuardia take 3-1/2 to 4/12 hours. That's too long to leave a dog in an overhead bin where he likely suffocated or overheated. This little guy had a short muzzle even more at-risk for air travel.
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A Billion Monarch Butterflies Dead and Environmentalists May Be to Blame – Only 30 Millions Remaining – video
Skunks and Rattlesnakes Invade Small Town in New Mexico – video
At World’s Biggest Dog Show, Pups That Give New Life to Disabled Owners
Teacher Who Reportedly Fed Puppy to Turtle In Front of Students Under Investigation
That Ridiculous Voice We Use to Talk to Dogs? They Actually Love It, Paper Shows
U.S. to Allow Elephant Trophy Imports Despite Trump’s Condemnation – HOLLY NOTE: We've heard various takes on this story that Trump will allow these elephant-kill imports based on case-by-case scenarios alternating with his condemnation of same. This article says that Trump is against it, but that his administration (does that let Trump off the hook?) and will allow in trophy victims. While we largely support Pres. Trump and his agenda, this scenario sickens us as it will put big red targets on them.

Elephants are magnificent, intelligent, social, caring animals. The only reason they are hunted is for that 'trophy kill' notch on big game hunters' belts and for treasured, rare ivory. We don't eat their meat, we don't wear their skins for warmth. Hunters should kill something totally UNhelpful like 'endangered' prairie dogs.

In the early 80's when we lived in Loveland, CO, all along Hwy 287, between Loveland and Ft. Collins, prairie dogs had infested the entire area. Companies couldn't build on this prime real estate until every last prairie dog had been physically relocated, courtesy of bleeding heart 'Greenies".

In our then newly-developing subdivision in SW Loveland, prairie dogs had reproduced in gay abandon. They occupied and bred by the thousands, so the developer drove a 4-wheeler over thousands of acres distributing poisoned oats in an attempt to reduce their overwhelming colonies. If you only missed one hole or two, in short order, they had replenished their species to the full count. These menaces replicate in ferocious numbers. And they are endangered?

Their holes are mine fields for horses, sheep and cattle. When horses accidentally step into them, they often have to be put down due to unmendable, broken legs. Prairie dogs are enormous flea hosts that carry bubonic plague. They eat precious roots killing plants in short order. The only good function we see they perform is providing a food source for the black-footed ferret, coyotes and snakes. So, in our opinion, leave elephants alone, preserve them, protect and cherish them and for Heavens sake, don't sanction killing them. Instead, target rodents that are a menace and health issue.
Mr. President, Save the Elephants – video of day
5 Natural Remedies for Dog Ear Infections
Starfish ‘Armageddon’ as Thousands Wash Up on Ramsgate Beach After Big Freeze
A Hidden Metropolis of 1.5 Million Penguins Has Been Discovered Thriving Out of Humanity's Reach
Can Your Dog Get the Flu? The Symptoms You Need to Look For
States with Reported Cases of Dog Flu
Giant Swamp Rats Are Poised to Dig Into California. Should We Eat 'em?
When Old Dog Won’t Play With Anything But Discontinued Toy, PetSmart Folks Don’t Give Up
Hungry Sea Lion Hilariously Demands Fish While Hitching a Ride on the Back of a Boat
Hundreds of Birds Suddenly Fall From the Sky in Mexico
FEB 27
More States Consider Animal Abuser Lists
Keep K9 Bullet With His Handler, Officer Yarbrough
1 Chance in a Million: Extremely Rare Yellow Cardinal Sighted in Alabama – video
FEB 20
Fish Jumps Out of Tank and into Grocery Shopper's Cart – video
FEB 19
Teenager in Western Australia Gets Broken Jaw By Kangaroo He Was Attempting To Hunt
FEB 16
Some Songbirds Have Brains Specially Designed to Find Mates for Life
Missouri Woman Finds Neighbor's Dog Riding Pony
Huge, Hungry Stag Stops for a Bite at a Bird Feeder – video
Home Cooking for Your Dog: 75 Holistic Recipes for a Healthier Dog
Top 20 Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes Your Dog Will Love
The Race to Rescue New England's Freezing Sea Turtles
JAN 30
Mysterious Orange Cave Crocodiles Who Live in Complete Darkness May Be Mutating into New Species
JAN 26
Bald Eagles Spotted Floating on Ice Along the Mississippi River
JAN 19
Python Takes A Bath as Owner Treats It Like a Puppy
JAN 18
200,000 Honeybees Killed, 100 Hives Destroyed After Suspected Vandals Doused Them with Gasoline
JAN 12
Who's the Real King of the Jungle? Tiny Dog Takes on 2 African Lions
Come Here Often? Racy Kangaroo Spotted Lounging Outside a Public Toilet in Seductive Pose
JAN 11
Dog Who Went Viral in Sledding Video Has More Tricks
Adorable Owl Raises His Wings to Get His 'Pits' Washed – video
JAN 10
Rise in Dog Flu Cases Has Pet Owners Worried
Amazing Moment Hero Whale Saves Snorkeler from Shark By Hiding Her Under Giant Fin While Pushing Her to Safety
Thousands of Flying Foxes Fall from Sky after Being ‘Boiled Alive’ in Sweltering Australia Heatwave
Frozen Sharks Washing Up on Cape Cod (And Scientists Don't Know Why)
First Ever Wild Footage of 'World's Ugliest Pig' Captured
13 Elk Rescued from Freezing Wyoming Water By Good Samaritans – video
Clever Collie Drags Sled Uphill Before Gleefully Speeding Down Snowy Slope