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Groundbreaking Discovery Confirms Existence of Orbiting Supermassive Black Holes
Medieval Scholars Believed in the Possibility of Parallel Universes
NASA Discovers Artificial Object on the Surface of Mars
Cosmic Ray Dosage Increasing
Earth Set for ‘Asteroid Encounter’ on Saturday with 750ft Space Rock That Could Be ‘Potentially Hazardous’
The Sun Is 'Sneezing' Powerful Solar Eruptions on to Earth – And It's Increasing the Risk of Cancer and Long-Term Power Cuts
Strange Orbits of Distant Comets Hint That Planet X Could Be Hiding in Its Outer Reaches
Mysterious Rock 'Circle' Spotted on Mars By NASA's Curiosity Rover
NASA's Kepler Telescope Finds 10 Earth-Like Planets: 'We Are Not Alone'
The Annual Taurids Meteor Shower Is Hiding Asteroids That Could Wipe Out Entire Continents, Experts Warn
'Nemesis', the Evil Twin of the Sun Accused of Causing Destruction on Earth, DOES Exist: First Study Finds Proof and Reveals All Stars Are Born in Pairs
Dr. Michio Kaku June 10th Update: Planet X Nibiru is Coming – video
NASA Just Gave Us 10 Good Reasons to Hunt for Near-Earth Asteroids
…Observes Unexplained Spike in Comet Activity
NASA Warning Catastrophe is Coming – video
What Is NASA Hiding in This Area of Space? – video
California Prepares for Solar Power Loss During the Great Eclipse
Earth Faces an Increased Risk of Being Hit by an Asteroid, Astronomers Warn
Strange New Planet Discovered --"Hotter Than Most Stars"
What's Inside the 'Pit of Mars'? Satellites Spot Strange 'Swiss Cheese' Area on the Red Planet
Ripples in Space Time Caused By Black Holes Collision Detected for Third Time
Temperature, Reflectance Point to Frost Near the Moon's Poles
Growing Amount of Space Junk Could Lead to Catastrophic Problems
MAY 29
Solar Flare Creates Perfect Opportunity to See Bright Auroras across New Zealand's South Island
MAY 25
Will an Asteroid Collide with Earth This Year? NASA Reveals the FIVE Space Rocks That Will Come 'Close' to Our Planet
CME Headed Toward Earth, Impact Expected Around 12:00 UTC on May 26
MAY 23
Solar Cycle Indices from the Photosphere to the Corona: Measurements and Underlying Physics

MAY 19
Surviving the Rapid Increase in Cosmic Radiation – video – HOLLY NOTE: When we're outside we're noticing it's a lot more "squinty" even on cloudy days.
Are You Ready for the 'Great American Eclipse?'
'Earth 2.0' Could Be Habitable: Climate Model Suggests Proxima B Is Likely to Have Perfect Conditions to Host Alien Life
Meteor Shower to Light Up Night Sky This Week -- Here's How to See It
APR 26
NASA’s Cassini, Voyager Missions Suggest New Picture of Sun’s Interaction with Galaxy
APR 21
Lyrid Meteor Shower to Peek Early Morning of April 22
NASA Captures Images of Large Asteroid Flying By Earth
What Would an Asteroid Impact Be Like: 1,000-MPH Winds and Powerful Shock Waves Deadliest Effects
Ancient Stone Carvings Confirm How Comet Struck Earth in 10,950 BC, Sparking Rise of Civilizations
APR 20
Sunspot AR2644's Magnetic Canopy Exploded and Hurled a Spectacular Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) into Space
'Space Hamburger' Spotted in Astronomical First
Gullies Streak Down Mars Crater in Stunning NASA Photo
APR 19
Massive Asteroid Nicknamed 'The Rock' to Make Closest Pass to Earth in 400 Years TODAY

APR 14
NASA Announces Alien Life Could Be Thriving on Saturn's Moon Enceladus
Dark Matter 'Bridge' Holding Galaxies Together Captured
APR 13
NASA Announcement Today: Space Agency to Reveal New 'Ocean Worlds' Discovery in Search for Life Beyond Earth
Earth-Sized 'Tatooine' Planets Could Be Habitable
APR 11
2,000-Foot Wide Asteroid to Come 'Very Close' to Earth: NASA
Bright Fireball Lights Up SoCal Sky
The Sun Is Bursting, NASA Observes 6 M Class Flares in Rapid Succession
April Kicks Off With Wild Weekend: Sun Shoots Off Explosions and Space Rocks Make Close Passes
The Sun Suddenly Wakes Up
NASA Probe Will Literally Touch the Sun
MAR 31
No Joke: April Fools' Comet to Pass Closest to Earth Since Discovery
Astronomers Identify Purest, Most Massive Brown Dwarf
'Supermassive' Black Hole Rockets in Space at 5 Million mph
MAR 24
Siberian Scientists Searching for Eyewitnesses of Bright Green Meteor Fall
Mind-Blowing 3D Journey to the Red Planet
MAR 23
What Would Really Happen If an Asteroid Hit New York: Study Reveals Recent Near Miss Could Kill 2.5 Million
MAR 17
NASA: Earth's inner Van Allen belt Is Far Weaker Than Thought - and Could Lead to Radical New Spacecraft Designs
Is This a Rogue World? Weird Planet-Like Object Baffles Astronomers
Mystery Sound of Meteors: Here Is Why Some of You Hear the Dazzling Shooting Star
Solar Explosion That Missed Earth Is Captured in Stunning New Footage as NASA Prepares Sun Probe Destined to Study 'Dangerous Activity'
NASA Reveals An Asteroid Passed So Close to Earth Thursday Was Inside Satellite Ring – 20X Closer Than The Moon
Study Says Solar Storms Remove Electrons From Earth's Atmosphere
NASA Proposes Radical Plan to Surround Mars with a Magnetic Field to Restore an 'Earth-like' Atmosphere
Researchers Aim to Measure Risk of Exploding Asteroids
Riding an Asteroid: China's Next Space Goal
Fragmented Asteroid Pair Develops Twin Comet-Like Tails
Black Hole Jets Detected --"Emit More Energy in One Second Than Our Sun Will Produce in Its Entire Lifetime"
Stars Regularly Ripped Apart by Black Holes
Evidence of Star Wars-like Planetary System
Volcanic Hydrogen Spurs Chances of Finding Exoplanet Life
Trappist-1 Could Have FOUR Planets Capable of Supporting Alien Life
FEB 28
NASA to Launch Mission to the Sun to Probe Future ‘Huge Solar Event’
FEB 23
Pluto Could Become a Planet Again: Scientists Propose New Definition That Would Include 110 Objects in the Solar System (Including Earth's Moon)
NASA Telescope Reveals Largest Batch of Earth-size, Habitable-Zone Planets Around Single Star
FEB 21
NASA to Announce Discovery of New Planets
NASA TV Streaming Video of Announcement and Updated Scheduling Information
Briefing Carried Live Here
Hunting for Runaway Worlds
Black Hole Is Producing Its Own Fuel for Star-Making
Scientists Readying to Create First Image of a Black Hole
FEB 16
World Could Be Wiped Out By a 'Doomsday Asteroid' If Governments Don't Spend BIG on Defence, Top Astrophysicist Warns
60 New Planets, Including a 'Super Earth,' Just Discovered
FEB 14
ISS Captures Elusive 'Blue Jets' on Film
FEB 13
Astronomers Discover Comet, WD 1425+540, 100,000x Bigger Than Halley's
FEB 10
NASA to Join Forces with the European Space Agency for Historic Manned Mission Around the Moon in 2021 – A First Since 1972
After Half a Century of Searching, First Ever White Dwarf Pulsar Confirmed
Stray Black Hole Turned Cosmic Gas Cloud into Speeding 'Bullet'
Reminder: Look Up Friday Night! Green Comet and Snow Moon Eclipse Team Up for Sky Treat
A Star Just Ripped Comet Halley's Massive Cousin to Shreds
Hubble Catches a Smelly Star Farting Away to Death
What Happened to the Sun Over 7,000 Years Ago? Tree Rings Reveal Mysterious Magnetic 'Solar Event'
‘Snow Moon,’ Lunar Eclipse And Comet Will Light Up Sky at Same Time This Friday
When Will the Eclipse Be Visible in N. America?
Massive Fireball Spotted in Midwest Sky May Have Landed in Lake Michigan
Roadside 'Space Capsule' Causes Stir on Arizona Interstate
NASA's Fermi Sees Gamma Rays from 'Hidden' Solar Flares
Plane Passenger Captures Beautiful Geomagnetic Storm
Asteroid 2017 BS32 Zoomed Past Earth Last Night in 4th Close Shave of Year
NASA: "The Death of a Planet" --Venus Had an Ocean and Habitable Surface Temperatures for Two Billion Years
JAN 30
Astronomer Claims Approaching Asteroid is a Piece of Planet X
JAN 27
Huge Solar Storm Could Hit Earth Resulting in a Daily Loss of More Than $40 Billion in the US
Rapid Gas Flares Discovered in White Dwarf Star for First Time
Faster Than Expected Expansion of the Universe
JAN 25
Bus-Size Asteroid Buzzed Earth Last Night – 2nd in 3 Weeks
JAN 20
Microbes Could Survive Thin Air of Mars
JAN 17
Massive Wave Spotted on Venus
Microbes Could Survive Thin Air of Mars
Black Hole and Galaxy Crash Supercharge Blazing-Fast Particles
Gravity Waves Might Be Lighting Up Venus’ Atmosphere
JAN 13
60 Minutes: The Hunt for Planet 9 Goes Mainstream – video
…Could Be a 'Rogue World' Captured From Another Solar System
Why Has the White House Suddenly Released Strategy for Dealing with Catastrophic Meteor Impact?
Sunspot Numbers Crashing in 2017: So far this year, the big story in space weather is sunspots – or rather, the lack thereof. The sun has been blank more than 90% of the time. Only one very tiny spot observed for a few hours on Jan. 3rd interrupted a string of spotless days from New Years through Jan. 11th. Devoid of dark cores, yesterday's sun is typical of the year so far. The last time the sun produced a similar string of spotless days was May of 2010, almost 7 years ago. That was near the end of the previous deep Solar Minimum. The current stretch is a sign that Solar Minimum is coming again.
Zuckerberg, Milner and Hawking to Look for Alien Life
JAN 10
Astronomers Predict Explosion That Will Change The Night Sky in 2022
Sneaky Asteroid Spotted Whizzing Between Earth And Moon – HOLLY NOTE: Not sure how easy it is to spot these potential threats, but did you ever notice how often they're reported after they shoot by or are within a few hours' arrival? One of these days, a NEO (Near-Earth Object) will be an impactor.
NASA's NEOWISE Mission Spies 1 Comet, Maybe 2
Observatory Cam Captures Rare Moment a Meteor Flies Over an Erupting Volcano in Costa Rica
Universe May Have Lost 'Unstable' Dark Matter
Quadrantids Meteor Shower Peaks January 3-4: When, Where & How to See It