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Jarrett: Obamacare Process ‘Was All Very Transparent,’ ‘Open and Honest’
Pelosi on ObamaCare: "We Have to Pass the Bill So That You Can Find out What Is in It" – video flashback
FACT CHECK: Would Trumpcare Tax Cuts Largely Benefit The Wealthy?
McConnellCare: Either Amend It or Kill It
The True Meaning of Socialized Medicine
Infant Sentenced to Death By European Human Rights Court
Remy: People Will Die! Elizabeth Warren Parody – video
What Can the US Learn from Australia's Healthcare System? – video
Rand Paul Released List of Demands for the Senate Healthcare Bill
Remember When 93 Million Health Care Plans Could Be Canceled?
Smart Kids Live Longer and Stay Disease Free
Facing Revolt on Healthcare Bill, Senate Republicans Delay Vote
Study: Premiums Rise 74% for Some Plans in Senate Health Bill
Trump Warns GOP of 'Cost of Failure' on Healthcare Bill
Americans Struggling Under Obamacare Tell Pence ‘Real Story’
Todd Starnes: The GOP Is About to Stick it to Us Again, America
A World-Wide Culture of Sodomy
3 People Have Caught Plague in New Mexico This Month
California to List Glyphosate as Cancer-Causing; Monsanto Vows Fight
White House Leaving Healthcare Heavy Lifting to Senate Republicans
Paul Ryan: Republicans Will Be Vindicated in 2018 on Healthcare
CBO Set to Release Analysis of Senate Healthcare Bill Monday
Bernie Sanders Rips California Dems for Pulling $400 Billion Single-Payer Health Care Bill
Nearly 100 Patients Died Waiting for Care from Los Angeles VA
What Americans Really Want From Health Care Reform Is Impossible
Rand Paul: Insurance Should Be Available for $1 a Day
Poll: Single-payer Healthcare Wins More Support
Senate Healthcare Bill Is an ObamaCare Rescue Package
Sen. Susan Collins Is Concerned…
6 Things You Need to Know About the Senate’s Obamacare-Lite Bill
Ted Cruz Reveals Details of His Amendment Proposal to Senate Healthcare Bill
Trump Endorses…
Lindsey Graham: 50% Chance Senate GOP Passes Healthcare Bill
Olive Oil Preserves Memory
Mentally Ill Patients are Being “Executed” Under Dutch Euthanasia Law
US Sailors Who 'fell Sick From Fukushima Radiation' Allowed to Sue Japan, Nuclear Plant Operator
Anthem to End ObamaCare Plans in Indiana, Wisconsin
Ex-nurse Suspected Of Killing Up to 60 Kids
Regular Sex Is Key to Staying Sharp in Old Age, Improves Vocabulary and Visual Awareness
A Primer on the Senate Health Care Bill
Some Republican Senators Don't Know Who's Writing It
Iowa's Last Major ObamaCare Insurer Weighs Exit, Requests 43% Premium Hike
Tick Linked to Unusual Malady Appears to Be Spreading
Scientists Warn We Are Losing the Battle to Keep Rats in Check in Major Cities
Feds Seize Enough Fentanyl in San Diego to Kill Millions
Rise of the 4-day Week Doctor Fuels National Shortage of GPs in UK – HOLLY NOTE: Now how do you like socialized medicine?
Watch: Ad Shows Child's Asthma Attack to Get GOP Senators to Oppose Healthcare Bill
Man Severely Burned After Falling in Yellowstone Hot Spring
Republicans Consider Keeping ObamaCare Taxes
Gay Media Promotes 8-Year-Old Drag Queen
Texas Expands Ban on Female Genital Mutilation
Immigration Hawks Back Bill to End Health Care Credits for Illegal Aliens
Nearly 2 Million Have Dropped Out of ObamaCare Since 2017 Enrollment
Health Groups Want Their Say on Senate Republicans’ Plan
Iowa Asks Feds For Millions to Help Patch Up Rickety ObamaCare Exchange
Want to Feel Better? Try Some Sunshine
ObamaCare Enrollees Rate Coverage Worse Than Those Insured from Another Source
Pence Says Obamacare Repeal Remains Chief Priority
Ex-Medicare Head: GOP Using 'Sabotage, Speed and Secrecy' to Pass ObamaCare Repeal – HOLLY NOTE: Isn't this rich when Pelosi said Congress would have to pass ObamaCare so we could see what was in it.
Japanese Nuke Workers Expose Themselves to High Levels of Radiatipn
Fake News Over Millions Losing Their Insurance
Insurers Exit ObamaCare in 2 Washington State Counties
Conservatives Push Back on Senate Changes to Health Bill
Pulling the Plug on Health Care Reform
FDA Wants Opioid Pulled Off Market
Senate Republicans Edge Closer to a Deal on Health Care
Feds: Michigan Doctor May Have Cut 100 Girls' Genitals
Family Says Girl, 2, Died After Tick Bite
Alert: Summer May Be the WORST EVER for Tick Diseases, CDC Warns Americans
Tick-borne Serious Illnesses Relatively Rare in Colorado
4 Dead, Dozens Hospitalized in Massive Overdose, Georgia Authorities Say
This Doctor Prescribed More Addictive Opioids Than Anyone Else in the State. Now He Tries to Overcome the Drug Crisis.
Lindsey Graham: No ObamaCare Repeal This Year
'Free' Government-Funded Health Care
States Scramble to Prevent ObamaCare Exodus
VP Pence Urges Congress to Complete ObamaCare Repeal
Hannity: Pence 'Cautiously Optimistic' About ObamaCare Repeal
Single-Payer Healthcare Plan Advances in California Senate – Without a Way to Pay Its $400-Billion Tab
…Cost Is Twice the State’s Entire Budget – HOLLY NOTE: This makes a lot of sense when according to the Daily Wire, as of 2016 California had $118.7 billion in total debt AND $785.72 billion in unfunded liabilities and other retirement benefits.
…All Healthcare Costs Would Be Covered Including Illegals AND Raise Taxes
Single-payer Healthcare Is Popular with Californians – Unless It Raises Their Taxes (Wanting Their Cake and Eat It Too)
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of KC Is Pulling Out of ObamaCare Exchange in 2018
The News Only Gets Worse for ObamaCare – and Democrats
Scientists Make Breakthrough That Could Lead to Cure for ALL Allergies with a Single Treatment
Gyrating Drag Queen's Erotic Performance Shocks Audience at a Grade School Show
GOP Senator: Healthcare Deal Unlikely This Year
The Obamacare Fight Is About Way More Than Health Care
Rush 24/7 Morning Update: Why They’re Bad?
Trump Moves to Allow Broad Exemption from ACA Birth-Control Coverage
‘Game Changer’: Study Finds 100-year-old Drug Reverses Autism Symptoms in Kids
VA Secretary Says Agency ‘Clearly Broken,’ Urges Action By Congress
MAY 31
Lack of Sleep May Cause Brain to 'Eat' Parts of Itself
Poll: 1/3 of Millennials Say Safe Spaces 'Absolutely Necessary'
The Extinction of Men: Accusations of 'Male Privilege' Are Hurled at Any Man for the Slightest Action or Inaction These Days
MAY 30
‘This Is Not the End’: Experimental Therapy That Targets Genes Gives Cancer Patients Hope
Belong – App Provides Cancer Patients and Their Families Personalized Info, Tips, Doctors, Etc.
Israeli Startup Fights Against Cancer
Demand for Sex Changes Jumped Dramatically Last Year
Ebola 'Is Not Going Away, We Can't Let Our Guard Down'
Older Adults Might Be Able to Stave Off Arthritis Knee Pain with Fiber
MAY 29
Map Shows How 8 Million or More Americans Might Have to Be Evacuated in This 'Worst Case Scenario'
MAY 26
Planned Parenthood Executives Joke About Decapitating Fetuses in New Video
Abortion Providers Share Graphic Details of Dismembering Unborn Children – video
MAY 25
Getting Less Than 6 Hours Sleep 'Increases Chance of Early Death'
2 Cups of Coffee a Day Reduces Liver Cancer Risk By Third, Major Study Finds
USMC Veteran Facing Life In Prison Over 1 Oz. of Cannabis to Treat His PTSD
MAY 24
Planned Parenthood Closes Clinics But Continues to Collect $500 Million a Year in Taxpayer Funding
Living in Cities 'Puts Teens at Greater Risk of Psychotic Experiences'
MAY 23
As ObamaCare Markets Tighten, Lawmakers Feel Squeeze for Quick Fixes
Possible Leak Found at Washington Nuclear Site
Single-Payer Health Care Would Cost $400 Billion Annually in California
New Ebola Outbreak, or Is It a Hoax?
MAY 19
House May Need to Vote Again on GOP Obamacare Repeal Bill
Healthcare Reform: Mission Possible
Something Even More Bizarre Than Bradley Manning's New Look
'Kissing Bug' More Deadly Than Thought
Cop Overdoses after Just Touching Fentanyl Dust
Instagram Most Likely to Cause Young People to Feel Depressed and Lonely Out of Major Social Apps, Study Says
MAY 16
Note to Jeff Sessions: Criminalizing Addiction Is Like Criminalizing Cancer
10 US Cities With the Worst Diets
Eating Salt May Actually Help With Weight Loss, New Research
What Trump Got Right About Australian Healthcare
Heart Attack Risk Increases 17-Fold Following Bouts of Pneumonia, influenza and Bronchitis
Teen 'Dies From Too Much Caffeine'
Nearly 1 in 3 drugs Found to Have Safety Concerns After FDA Approval
Neglecting Mental Health Services Is Bankrupting Our Healthcare System
Trump Expands Ban on Funding Abortions Overseas
Sologamy: 'Self-marriage,' Featuring Solo Walk Down the Aisle, Is Plea for Attention and an Attack on Traditional Values
MAY 15
2 More Suspected Cases of Ebola Hit Congo
Most Women Like ‘Manly’ Men, Don’t Worry About ‘Toxic Masculinity’, Study
$19 Million Worth of Cocaine Found Hidden in Shipment of Potato Chips
MAY 12
Heroin Business Booming in America
Hepatitis C Nearly Triples in US in 5 Years
Medicaid Blows $109 Billion on Promotional “Demonstrations”
MAY 11
Aetna Latest Insurer to Quit ObamaCare Markets
Trump Spurns Congress as He Signals Medical Marijuana Fight
Eating Full-Fat Cheese Won’t Raise Chance of Heart Attack, Study Finds
MAY 10
Hanford Nuclear Site Tunnel Collapse Leads to Mass Evacuation, “Radiological Contamination” and FAA Air Space Ban
The AHCA Insurance Company Bailout
Sunscreen Is Killing People By Blocking Vitamin D Production Which Prevents Cancer, Diabetes, Kidney Disorders and More
Denied Painkillers, Left Hungry and Not Seeing Their Baby for Days... How Some Mums Are So Traumatized By Their NHS Post Natal Care They Say They'll Never Have Another Baby
To Live a Long Life in America, It Helps to Be Born in the Right County
ObamaCare Killed 80,000 People in 2015
Obama Weighs In: Tells Friendly Crowd That Saving Health Care Law Will Require 'Courage'
Jonathan Gruber Blames Obamacare Failures on Donald Trump – REMINDER: Gruber, MIT economist and architect of ObamaCare said, 'The Stupidity of the American Voter' Led Us to Hide Obamacare's True Costs from the Public
Kurt Eichenwald: I Want Republicans to Watch Their Families ‘Lose Insurance’ and ‘Die’
Here Comes a Tick Disease That's Worse Than Lyme
Too Young to Cross a Street But Old Enough for a Sex Change
Doctors Warn Minnesota Measles Outbreak Still "Early" as Cases Increase
Health Benefits of Kale: 9 Reasons to Love this Leafy Green Superfood
Before Passing the AHCA, the House Voted to Make It Apply to Themselves Too
List of Obamacare Taxes Eliminated
Goldman Explains What the Repeal of ObamaCare Really Means
The 20 Republicans Who Voted 'No'
Celebrities Rage at House Obamacare Repeal: ‘F**k All Y’all’
Former President of Merck Led Secret Biowarfare Program, Influencing Experiments on Americans
Drinking Alcohol Makes Straight Men More Sexually Fluid – Boosts Physical Attraction to Same Sex
House Republicans to Vote Today on ObamaCare Repeal and Replace Plan
House Healthcare Bill Faces Senate Makeover
A Thinking Mom's Message for Jimmy Kimmel
House Has the Votes to Repeal Obamacare, McCarthy Says
Woman with Terminal Cancer Jailed Over Medication in Her System
Trump Will Try to Sway Two Key No Votes On Healthcare Plan
Mystery Illness Claims 12 Lives in Liberia
California’s Coming Third Gender — Intersex
Millennials Going Bald From High Stress
How Low Can We Go? Celebs Take Bathroom Selfies – Hey, Kylie Jenner, That Restroom Picture You Snapped Wasn't Glam — It Was Gross
Trump: 'I'll Be So Angry' If Healthcare Reform Doesn't Pass
Insurers Vow to Leave ObamaCare If Trump Cancels Cost-Sharing Plan
Ketogenic Diets: Silicon Valley Investors Body-Hack for High Fat Diet
Documents Tie Berkeley Riot Organizers to NAMBLA – HOLLY NOTE: NAMBLA Is the group that promotes gay sex between men and little boys
Puerto Rican Governor Argues Medicaid Money Is 'Not a Bail Out,' Could Save Government Billions Over Time
APR 28
Here We Go: New House GOP Health-Care Bill on Verge of Failure as Moderates Balk
More Changes Could Be Made to ObamaCare Repeal Bill to Lure Centrists
Healthcare Providers **NOT** Required to Report FGM Despite Half Million ‘at Risk’
APR 27
UN Warned Trump That ObamaCare Repeal Could Violate International Law
Toxic Diesel Particles Penetrate Right Through to the Heart, Scientists Warn
3 Months Since Trump's Inauguration: Planned Parenthood Has Performed 81,567 Abortions
Planned Parenthood Exec Who ‘Wanted a Lamborghini’ Caught Haggling Over Baby Body Parts
Elephant Tranquilizer Makes Lethal Entry into Opioid Crisis
Could History of Humans in North America Be Rewritten By Broken Bones?
APR 26
House GOP Prepares for the Latest ObamaCare Repeal Compromise
New Research Confirms Just How Dangerous Trans Fats Really Are
Measles Outbreak in Minnesota’s Somali Community
‘Superbug’ Fungus New Menace in US Hospitals, Mostly NY, NJ
APR 25
Health Benefits of Red Onion: 4 Ways Red Onions Reduce Your Cancer Risk
Drinking 4 Cups of Coffee a Day Is Safe for Your Health
APR 24
Harvard University LGBT Fact Sheet Claims Gender Can 'Change Day to Day'
Zika Outbreak Feared on Texas Border
New Study: Unborn Babies Feel Pain in 1st Trimester – Adult-Like Pattern of Skin Innervation Established Before End 13 Weeks
Michigan: Muslim Doctor Held for Performing Female Genital Mutilation Is Wife of Mosque Leader
Vitamin D May Be Your Best Defense Against Respiratory Infections, New Science Finds
APR 21
Trump: 'Good Chance' of Passing ObamaCare Repeal 'Soon'
Study: Daily Diet Soda TRIPLES Stroke Risk
Every 98 Seconds, Someone Is Sexually Assaulted
APR 19
Trump: 'Press Every One of Your Congressmen' on ObamaCare Repeal
Decrease Your Risk of Breast Cancer By Avoiding These Foods
APR 18
Stressed Out Scots Teachers ‘Turning to Drink and Drugs’
APR 17
Nevada Approved Syringe Vending Machines to Combat the Heroin Crisis
University of Wisconsin-Madison Offers Free Tampons in Men’s Bathrooms
APR 14
Trump to Democrats: Negotiate on Obamacare, or Else
ER Doctor Arrested for Performing Female Genital Mutilation on Minors
Trump Signs Bill Allowing States to Defund Planned Parenthood
Superbug Infected 10 Infants at California Hospital, But the Public Is Just Finding Out
Canada to End 94 Years of Pot Prohibition
Millions of Young Adults Struggle with Simple Tasks Like Changing a Light Bulb or Boiling an Egg
APR 13
Gender Expert: Teens Are Trying to Be Transgender Because It’s Trendy – One Patient Told Him, ‘I Want to Be Transgender, It’s the New Black.’
Scientists Halt Growth of Colon, Stomach Cancers
23 and Me (and You): Let the Buyer Beware
Incredible Moment Ultrasound Captures Twin Girls Sharing a ‘Kiss’ Inside the Womb
APR 11
Fearing Zika, States Ready For Mosquito Season
Jim DeMint: ‘I’m Convinced’ GOP Will Tee Up Another Health Care Bill After Break
APR 10
Bizarro World: Some Republicans Now Defending "Failing" ObamaCare
ObamaCare Watch: Judicial Watch Sues IRS and HHS for Records of Sharing of Taxpayers’ Private Information
Republicans Leave Door Open to Repealing ObamaCare Over Recess
Healthcare Bust! No Deal as Congress Goes into Recess
The Potentially 'Unconstitutional' Obamacare Feature Everyone Is Ignoring
Study: Millennials Delaying Entry into Adulthood
Governors from Marijuana States Plea with Trump Admin to Keep Pot Policies in Place
Knoxville – The First Place ObamaCare May Die
Why Obamacare Was Doomed from the Start (in 1 Simple Chart)
Young Americans Are Killing Marriage
In Aggressive Push, Trump Seeks Friday Passage of Revised Healthcare Bill
43 Facts About Love, Sex, Dating and Marriage That Are Almost Too Crazy to Believe
Massive Academic Cover-Up Concealing a Near-Total Collapse of Ocean Food Chains … Mass Death to Humans Will Follow
US Facing an Epic Outbreak of Lyme Disease: Experts
Legislation Introduced to Save Americans with No Insurers on Exchanges from Tax Penalties – If Anthem Exits, Some Areas Will Have No Insurers Operating on Exchanges
Trump Warns Freedom Caucus: I'll Make a Healthcare Deal with Dems
U.S. Cancer Death Rates Still Dropping
Lyme Disease, a Major Health Threat Often Misdiagnosed – audio
How to Safely Remove Ticks From Skin
MAR 31
Massive Cocaine Bust: Plane Stopped at Ohio University Airport
Nasal Spray to Restore Sense of Smell
China Aborted 336 Million Babies Since 1971
85% of Tampons, Feminine Hygiene Products Contaminated with Cancer-Causing Glyphosate (think Roundup)
HIV Vaccine Update: Researchers Develop New Technique to 'Fingerprint' Virus
Cancer Cells Disguise Themselves By 'Switching Off' Genes So They Can Easily Spread
MAR 30
Tom Price Pledges to Uphold ObamaCare, Including Mandate
Felony Charges for Pro-Lifers Behind Planned Parenthood Videos
David Daleiden, Undercover Investigator Who Exposed Planned Parenthood's Grisly Practice of Profiting off Aborted Baby Parts, Charged with 15 Felonies
AG Who Charged Activists for Exposing Planned Parenthood Received Thousands in Donations from Planned Parenthood
Congress Looking to Try Again on ObamaCare Repeal by May
As the Vaper Revolution Gathers Steam, US Smokers Left Behind
MAR 29
Dem Chair Pledges Opposition to Trump on Everything But Socialized Medicine
6.5 Million Taxpayers Paid $3 Billion in Obamacare Penalties in 2016
Genital Mutilation Also Occurs in the US, Activists Call on States to Make It Illegal
States Push to Protect Abortion Funding, Despite GOP Healthcare Fail
Coast Guard Seizes 16 Tons of Cocaine Worth in Pacific – Street Value Over $1 Billion
Herpes STDs: From Chimps to Humans to Cold Sore Cousin Mixing Before Worldwide Spread
Mexico City Subway Installs Plastic Penis on Seats to Fight Sexual Harassment
Stop Eating! You Are Full
MAR 28
Nevada Officials Play Politics with Yucca Mountain
Fukushima News: Deadly Nuclear Radiation Levels Cause Robot Failures to Mount at Power Plant
MAR 27
Steve Quayle: Practical Preparedness, Dealing with Nuclear Issues – video
Why The Healthcare Reform Bill Went Down In Flames
Lyme Disease Is About to Spike Hard This Summer
Distribution of Ticks That Bite Humans
25 Diseases Transmitted By Ticks
German Shepherd Dogs Can Diagnose Breast Cancer with 100% Accuracy Just By Smelling You
Judge OK's Petition for America's First 'Genderless' Person – HOLLY NOTE: One has to feel compassion for this sad, confused individual.
MAR 24
Ryan: 'WE CAME UP SHORT': Trump Has GOP ObamaCare Replacement Bill Pulled Amid Faltering Support
'Living with Obamacare for Foreseeable Future'
Despicable!! Obama Knew That ObamaCare Will Implode – video
DEAL OR NO DEAL: House Set to Vote on Health Bill After Trump Ultimatum
CBO Report: New RyanCare Saves Less than Previous Version, 24 Million Still Lose Insurance by 2026
Obama Emerges to Defend His Health Care Law
The 10 Most Pro-Life U.S. States: Did Your State Make This Surprising List?
MAR 23
White House Warns Conservatives ‘No Plan B’ to Nix ObamaCare: ‘This Is It’
House Democrats Dig in for Final Defense of ObamaCare
New Capitol Hill Conventional Wisdom: House Freedom Caucus Will Take Blame If Healthcare Bill Fails
Coincidence? Monsanto Patented Glyphosate as an “Antibiotic” Drug, Claiming Weed Killer Is Medicine
MAR 22
Trump Tells GOP Seats Are in Jeopardy If They Don’t Vote for Health Care Plan
Rand Paul: ‘Easily 35 No Votes’ Against Paul Ryan’s ObamaCare 2.0, ‘I Would Predict They Pull Bill, Start Over’
Trump’s Hill Offensive on ObamaCare Falls Short – Fails to Win AHCA Converts After Singling Out Conservatives with 2018 Warning
RyanCare Updates: Provision to Crack Down on Illegal Aliens Deleted from GOP Plan
Why 60% of Small Business Owners Want Obamacare Repeal ASAP
MAR 21
Nuclear Investigator: Worry Over Underground Explosions at Fukushima – New Data Shows Molten Fuel Is “Dropping Lower Each Day”
MAR 20
Cotton: RyanCare ‘Not Going to Work to Bring Down Premiums’
National Health Care, Part 3: Responsibility to Yourself
Why Not Repeal Without Replacing? Because You Can't Go Back to What's No Longer There
Opioid Addiction Is Infiltrating a Majority of U.S. Workplaces
Fukushima Prepares to Host 2020 Olympics Baseball and Softball as Nuclear Expert Calls Global Cataclysm: 'as Close to Hell as I Can Imagine'
High-Risk Sex, Girl-on-Girl Experimenting Linked Among NYC Teens
MAR 17
Trump Woos His Former Opponents in Bid to Repeal and Replace ObamaCare
Republican Senator: ObamaCare Replacement Bill ‘Bad’ for Some Americans
Rep. Black: We See People Dying Every Day Because of ObamaCare – video
While VA Hospital Boasted of 20-Person Transgender Program, 100,000 Vets Lacked ‘Safe’ Care
MAR 16
Michigan Man's Hands, Feet to Be Amputated After Strep Throat Infection
State Wants to Force Churches to Push Abortion
MAR 15
GOP’s ObamaCare Replacement Plan Breaks Trump’s Campaign Vows
Nuclear Engineer: Fukushima Is “Worst Industrial Cataclysm in History of World"
Monsanto Colluded with EPA, Was Unable to Prove Roundup Does Not Cause Cancer, Unsealed Court Docs Reveal
Mother and Son Becoming Father and Daughter
National Health Care, Part 2: How Americans Avoid Good Health
Tax Deductions, Not Tax Credits
Wussification of America: California Elementary School Bans 'Tag' After It Was Deemed Too Rough
MAR 14
CBO: American Health Care Act Will Reduce Deficit By $337 Billion
ObamaCare Repeal Analysis: Millions Would Drop Coverage, But Costs Would Fall Under Bill – HOLLY NOTE: Shep Smith, a radically anti-Trump news host on Fox News let something interesting slip yesterday afternoon. He admitted that the American HealthCare Act may see a decrease in people covered, BUT it's not due to it being taken away. Instead it will be people may choose to opt out of being forced to buy health insurance that Obama mandated.
ObamaCare Victims Tell Their Horror Stories at The White House
Gingrich Slams 'Disgustingly Wrong' CBO
Report: Obama Administration Spent $77M to Promote Obamacare in 2016
Connecticut Kennedy Thinks State Should Own Your Organs – Camelot Heir Introduces Bill to Automatically Opt-In Citizens as Organ Donors
MAR 17
Former HHS Secretary: Yes, There Is a Point In Saying That Obamacare Is Killing Rural America
National Health Care, or Is It Sick Care?
California Elementary School Dumps 'Father-Daughter Dance' in Favor of ‘Family Dance’ HOLLY NOTE: Here we go again with more gender-neutering. Wonder what whizz-bang came up with this idea… Child specialists say the Father-Daughter Dance plays an important role in teaching young girls about love and respect. "Statistics show that a young girl will seek her father’s love first at home. If she doesn’t find it, she will seek it elsewhere." Another specialist shared, "'How have you felt during our date tonight? I don't want you to ever expect anything less from a boy you're dating.' These words were spoken by a dad on a date with his seventh-grade daughter. He opened doors, pulled out chairs, asked her questions and offered kind words about her external and internal beauty all night. He wanted that kind of treatment to be her expectation." It's hard to see the benefit of dads taking their sons to this dance – in the name of inclusiveness. This is another politically correct idea straight from Stupidville.
Deadly Fungal Infection Doctors Feared Now in U.S.
Mumps Outbreaks Reported Across U.S.
Wall Street Millennials Dealing with Stress with Drugs and Sex
Historic Ruling Grants Custody to Ménage à Trois "Couple"
Ivanka Trump: Women Flock to Plastic Surgeons to Copy Blonde Bombshell's Looks
731 People Have Switched Genders on Their NYC Birth Certificate Since 2015
MAR 10
Pence Says ObamaCare Replacement Will Be Done By Spring
Sen. Tom Cotton: Paul Ryan’s Healthcare Bill Does Not Deliver on GOP, President Trump’s Promise to Repeal, Replace ObamaCare
Authorities Forced to Cull Fukushima’s ‘Radioactive’ Boars
Govt. Still Pushing HPV Vaccine on Kids a Decade after JW Exposed Deadly Side Effects
Cracks Show in Conservative Opposition to Obamacare Package – Signs of Possible Compromise As Cruz Suggests GOP Plan Fixable, Trump Sells Grassroots Orgs
Joe Scarborough, Al Sharpton Decide That Those Who Support Repealing ObamaCare Are Not Christian
GOP Plan Orders Insurers to Charge People 30% More If Uninsured for 63 Days
Outbreak in Brazil Has U.S. Health Experts Wondering If Yellow Fever Could Be The Next Zika
CDC Reveals Shocking List of Vaccine Excipients, Including Cells from Aborted Human Fetuses and 'African Green Monkey Kidney Cells'
Famous Parenting Author And Her Husband End Their 17 Year Marriage After He Comes Out As Gay
Conservatives Looking To Bargain with Trump, Ryan on ObamaCare
Planned Parenthood Rejects Trump Compromise on Funding: Abortion 'Vital to Our Mission'
Why Bird Flu Is In the Air Again
Ed Sheeran the Singing Dentist Makes Going for Check-ups Fun – video
'OBAMACARE GONE': House GOP Releases Repeal and Replace Bill
ObamaCare Replacement Plan in Simple English
Planned Parenthood, Trump Negotiate Funding
Polluted Environments Kill 1.7 Million Children Each Year, WHO – HOLLY NOTE: China is one of the worst, if not THE worst polluters on the planet. Check these disgusting photos.
Alzheimer's: The Disease That Could Bankrupt Medicare
Millions At Risk As Web Chemists With Little Or No Medical Training Dish Out Dangerous Drugs Without Checks
House GOP Eyes 3-Week Plan on ObamaCare; Ryan: ‘We’re Going to Unify’
Finally: A Hollywood Film about Leaving Homosexuality
Massive 'Tsunami' of Sewage from Tijuana That Fouled San Diego Beaches May Have Been Deliberately Released
Democrats Support Bill That Would Legalize Female Genital Mutilation
Trump Urges Insurers to Work Together to ‘Save Americans from ObamaCare’
Disaster Looms If GOP Fumbles Obamacare Repeal
Condell: Women, Defend Yourselves
Texas Court Hears Case to Curb Gay Marriage Rights
Cancer Patients in ‘Extraordinary’ Gene Therapy Study in Complete Remission After 1 Treatment
Japan: HPV Vaccine on Trial for Its Horrifying Side Effects
Disney Goes Gay With First Same-Sex Cartoon Kiss
6 Immune-Building Foods and Herbs You Need to Consume to Stay Healthy
Trump Urges Insurers to Work Together to ‘Save Americans from ObamaCare’
Disaster Looms if GOP Fumbles Obamacare Repeal
Japan: HPV Vaccine on Trial for Its Horrifying Side Effects
6 Immune-Building Foods and Herbs You Need to Consume to Stay Healthy
FEB 28
Key Republican Would Vote Against ObamaCare Replacement
Tucker and Maxwell Smart on Gender Ideology – video
Russian Teenagers Committing Suicide 'as Part of Bizarre Social Media Game Called Blue Whale' 
12 Most Dangerous Superbugs, Ranked By the WHO
FEB 24
Study Sees U.S. Life Expectancy Falling Further Behind Other Countries
'World's First Transgender Doll' to Go on Sale This Summer
Obese Patients in UK Denied Hip and Knee Surgery to Cut Costs
Franklin Graham: 'NFL Is Trying to Push Homosexuality Through a New Pro-Same-Sex Ad'
FEB 22
'Radiation Spike' Sparks Fears Putin Tested Nuke in Arctic
A Millennial Takes on His Fellow Basement Dwellers
Study Finds Millennials the Most Narcissistic Generation Ever
FEB 21
Study Finds Potential Marker of Drug Response In Many Cancer Types
FEB 20
Montana Officials Alarmed as They Fight Surge in Meth Use
Dr. Helen Caldicott: The Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Continues Unabated
FEB 17
Another Insurer Threatens to Pull Out of ObamaCare
Map Reveals Where Doctors Over Prescribe Medical Tests
Colorado Warms to Pot Clubs Despite Federal Uncertainty
5 Worst US Cities For Allergy Sufferers
FEB 16
Spread of H7N9 Bird Flu Worries Officials in China
FEB 15
Humana to Quit ObamaCare Exchanges in 2018, Providing Fuel for Trump's 'Repeal' Efforts
‘Is every American Entitled to Health Care?’
Infection Caused By Rat Urine In Bronx Kills 1, Sickens 2 Others
Boom: Thousands of Medical Studies Found to Be Useless
Toronto Hospital Fires 31 Employees After Audit Finds $200,000 in Irregular Health Benefits Claims
FEB 14
St. Louis Passes Bill to Become Abortion Sanctuary City  
Obamacare Co-Op’s Premiums to Increase as Much as 40%
TSA Workers Helped Puerto Rico-Based Ring Smuggle $100M of Cocaine, Prosecutors Say
$89,000 Price Tag Delays Drug Launch
Convicted Serial Child Molester Sandusky's Son Charged with Sexual Abuse of Children
Behind the Bloodshed: Every U.S. Mass Killing Since 2006
Heroin Addicts Shooting Up Behind the Wheel Are Threatening Public Safety  
Flu Cases Spiking Across the United States: CDC
Gay Men Less Likely to Have Safe Sex Now: Survey
FEB 13
Heartbroken Young Mother, 21, Kills Herself After Losing Both Her 1-Month-Old Baby and Boyfriend in Just 5 Years
Over $60 Million of Drugs Wash up on English Beaches
England's Health Secretary: NHS Failures Are 'Completely Unacceptable'
Over 6,000 Americans Die in Drowsy Driving Crashes Each Year
400,000 Australians at Risk From Sexually Transmitted Superbug
FEB 10
OBAMACARE ON THE BRINK? Senate Confirms Price in First Step to Repeal, Replace Healthcare Law
Nuclear Nightmare: 6 Years After Plant Meltdown, Fukushima Radiation Levels Spiking – Can Kill a Human Being with Even Brief Exposure
Radiation at Fukushima Plant at Unimaginable Levels, 530 SVT/Hr, $300 Billion and 4 Decades to Fix – video
Business Owner Says ObamaCare Prevented New Hiring as Health Care Costs Increased 51%
Report: Republicans Fear for Their Safety as ObamaCare Protests Grow Violent
Clinic Falsely Told Dozens They Had Alzheimer's, Suits Say – People sold all their possessions, others emptied their savings and 1 committed suicide.
Amazing Breathtaking New 20-Week MRI Scan Lets Expectant Parents Watch Their Unborn Babies Wiggle, Swallow and Even Pull on Umbilical Cord
Boy Scouts of America Changes 100 Year Old Policy to Accept Joe Maldonado As First Transgender Child Scout
House Energy and Commerce Committee May Advance 4 Bills to Replace ObamaCare
Advocates Fear Chemicals Used on Mexico's Drug Crops Cause Cancer
"Dripping" Common Among Teen E-Cigarette Users, Study
New Radiation Level at Fukushima Dwarfs the Highest Peak at Chernobyl
Keeping Your Child Safe in a Killer Infested World
Heroin Use Surges Among California Millennials
Rad Levels at Fukushima So High They Can Melt Robot Camera Probes
Made-up Men Reflect Changing $50Bn Male Grooming Industry
Fukushima Radiation at Highest Level Since 2011 Meltdown
Fukushima Plant Worker Sues Power Companies Over Leukemia Linked to Radiation
House Conservatives Demand ObamaCare Repeal Vote
Rare 'Tree Man' Disease May Have Struck First Female
I may Get Pregnant But I Won't Be an 'Expectant Mother'
Bird Flu Outbreak Spreads to Belgium
Superbugs Take Residence in South-East Asia Threatening Global Eradication Efforts
More Straight Men Are Going Gay Than Ever Before
How Does Homosexuality Occur In Men?
The Phenomenon of ‘Bud Sex’ Between Straight Rural Men
Why Straight Men Have Sex With Each Other
Nigerian Brothels Have Tens of Thousands HIV-Positive Prostitutes That Are Fueling AIDS Epidemic, Claiming 10 Million Lives a Year
Toronto Liberal MP: Legalizing All Drugs Would Be Good for Canada 
NASA Twins Study Shows Space Travel Changes Body at Genetic Level
Trump Tells Big Pharma CEOs to Cut Costs and Bring Back Jobs, Pledges to Shorten FDA Drug Approval Times, Cut Regulations By Up to 80%
Surprising Link Between Air Pollution and Alzheimer’s Disease
Brazil Confirms More Yellow Fever Cases; Over 100 Infected
JAN 31
Malaria Drugs Fail for First Time on Patients in UK
JAN 30
CDC: Outbreak in 12 States Due to Rats Carrying Virus Transmittable to Humans
Officials Confirm Second Bird Flu Outbreak in Lancashire
Proliferation of Bird Flu Outbreaks Raises Risk of Human Pandemic
Bosnian Healer Licks Eyeballs
JAN 27
ObamaCare Architect: ‘This Was Never Supposed to Help Everybody’
Republicans Have 7 Proposals to Replace the Affordable Care Act
Finland's Plan to be Tobacco-Free
Pence to Participate in March for Life Rally
JAN 24
If You Like It, You Can Keep It (And This Time We Mean It) – Senators' ACA Replacement Proposal Allows States to Keep ObamaCare or Replace It
Rare Rat Virus Sickens 8 People in Illinois & Wisconsin
JAN 23
In First Executive Order, Trump Tells Agencies to Ease ObamaCare Burden
Foods That Fight Inflammation – HOLLY NOTE: Dr. Joel Wallach and other naturopath doctors reveal that inflammation is at the root of all auto-immune diseases and healing the gut is key to wellness and health.
Eliminate Ulcers By Eating Hot Peppers – HOLLY NOTE: After 8 years of Obama, we attribute being ulcer-free to prayer and eating lots of fiery Tex-Mex!
JAN 19
Mainstream Science Finally Admits Vitamin C’s Ability to Cure Cancer is Not a Conspiracy Theory
Mother of Transgender Girl Reveals She Is Now Also Transitioning into a MAN
Planned Parenthood Lied About Abortions for Sex Trafficking Victims, Former Staffer Says
Vaccines for 3 Deadly Viruses Fast-Tracked
JAN 18
Man Loses Teeth After E-Cigarette Blows Up In Face
Poll: Women Want Real Men, Not "Effeminate Intellectuals Stuffed in Skinny Jeans"
JAN 17
Brisbane: Sex with 10 People a Day, Thanks to Dating Apps – STD's Rampant: Gonorrhea Up 31%, Chlamydia +48%, Syphilis +70%
Related: Aussie Cities Ranked According to Sexual Promiscuity
New Zealand Women Are Most Promiscuous: 20.4 Sexual Partners, 3x the Global Average
Scientists Race to Develop Vaccine for the Plague
Drinking a Cup of Coffee Daily May Help You Live Longer
Dangerous Superbug Appears to Be Spreading Stealthily in US Hospitals
JAN 16
'Insurance For Everybody': Trump Reportedly Nearly Ready To Reveal ObamaCare Replacement Plan
Rand Paul Previews ObamaCare Replacement Plan Focusing On Lower Cost Policies
Mad As Hell
Quinnipiac Poll: 65% Want Some or All of ObamaCare Repealed
Following Sanders' Example, Dems Hold Rallies to Save ObamaCare
No Plans by Trump 'to Touch Medicare or Social Security: Priebus
US Woman Dies of Infection Resistant To All 26 Available Antibiotics
JAN 13
Vote-a-Rama Ends with Senate Passing Obamacare Repeal
Obamacare's Death Throes
Babies Made Without Mothers 'Will Come Sooner Than We Think'
JAN 12
Republican-led Senate Already Takes First Step to Repeal ObamaCare
Trump Speaks Out on Drug Price Gouging
JAN 11
The ObamaCare Hustle
Republicans Wrestle with Obamacare ‘Replace’ Strategy
FDA Accepts Merck Application For Lung Cancer Combo Therapy
Too Much Sugar Could Be Changing Our Genes, Shortening Life Span
British Man, 20, Will Be the First to Give Birth
JAN 10
Death of Washington State Veteran Prompts Call for VA Investigation
'Make America Sick Again' Slogan Bombs
Flu Season Officially In Full Swing, Doctors Warn
Scientists Are Working Towards A Universal Flu Vaccine That Could Last A Lifetime
Promising New Drug Stops Spread of Melanoma by 90%
George Soros Looks To Topple Pro-Life Laws Around The World
ObamaCare Wars Are In Full Force
Nancy Pelosi, Allies Prep For War Over ObamaCare, Planned Parenthood
IRS Prioritized ObamaCare Over Taxpayer Customer Service, IG Report Says
Why I Married Myself: Self-Marriage Is a Small But Growing Movement Around the World. – HOLLY NOTE: I wrote about this trend in
Prophetic Perils: End Time Events Revealed and how people are marrying all kinds of things like plastic blow-up dolls, pets, pillows, stuffed animals, trees, computers, even a bridge, a roller coaster and a threesome of guys and a mother who wed her stepdaughter. Yes, life gets weirder as we dive into End Times. 
Senate Passes Budget Resolution Repealing Parts of ObamaCare – Pence, Congressional Republicans Discuss Replacement
Obama Tells Democrats: 'Don't Rescue' Republicans on 'Trumpcare'
Obama Holds Secret Meeting to Save "Dead Legacy" ObamaCare
A Doctor’s Straight Talk: America, Your Health Care Is Not A Federal Responsibility
Alabama Supreme Court Rules Unborn Baby is a Person
$3 Trillion Showdown: Obama, Pence Huddle With Lawmakers as President's Health Law Faces Ax
Senate Introduces ObamaCare Repeal Resolution
DC Worst City for Bed Bugs
Spicy Chilies 'Help Destroy Cancer Cells By Making Them Self-Destruct'
Judge Blocks Obama Mandate Forcing Doctors to Perform Abortions, Transgender Surgeries
Pelosi: GOP’s Rush to Repeal ObamaCare Is ‘Act of Cowardice’
1,565 Refugees Diagnosed with Active TB Since 2012 – 3x More Than Previously Reported
Drug Approvals Lowest In 6 Years
Dozens of Women May Be Pregnant With a Stranger’s Sperm After Blunder at IVF Clinic
Catholic Diocese Files Lawsuit Against Obama's Transgender Healthcare Mandate
Looking to Shed Christmas Weight? Set Your Target High
Losing Weight - How the Human Body 'Burns' Fat – video