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NEWS for JAN 18 – National Michigan Day

Blockbuster Storm To Bring Heavy Snow, Ice And Fierce Winds In Northeastern US This Weekend

NASA Satellite Imagery Reveals Shocking Proof Of Climate Engineering
California Set To Seize 1,100 Miles Of Coastline

Aussie Hospital To Treat Dying Patients With ‘Magic Mushrooms’ In Bid To Tackle Anxiety
Infants To Young Children
Vaccine Dangers In Question: The U.S. FDA Approves Vaxelis, a New ‘6-In-1 Combo Shot’ For
March for Life poll: 41% of Millennials Want Roe Reversed, 70% Back Limits
Demolishing America
Solutions For Survival Of The United States In The 21st Century
EMERGENCY!! Threat On Donald Trump’s Life FOILED By Authorities!

FBI Tried to ‘Re-Engage’ Dossier Writer After It Started Anti-Trump Probe
“Der Spiegel” Associates US Ambassador in Germany with Neo-Nazis
Today's Democrats: Anti-Christian, Anti-Israel, Anti-God
CIS Sues SDPLC Demanding They Stop Referring To Them as a 'Hate Group'
BBC Announces ‘Diversity’ Season to ‘Celebrate History of Multicultural Britain’
EU Wails Austria’s Exit from UN Migrant Pact Aligned Bloc with Trump, ‘Damaged Us All’

Fireman Brain Damaged As He’s Shot In Back Of Head During Yellow Vest Protest
Zimbabwe in Chaos; Army Rounding-up People, Door-to-Door, SHOOTING THEM -- Internet Cut-off – graphic images warning
Macron and the Fall of France
Liberal Celeb Who Demanded We House Refugees Gets Perfect Karma After Taking In Migrants
Nancy Pelosi's SOTU Power Play Is Starting To Look Tattered – HOLLY NOTE: Rand Paul just brilliantly suggested that if Pelosi continues trying to shut down the President's SOTU message, let's host it in the Senate.

Hope vs. Change: Why Some Democrats Are Turning on Obama's Legacy: "More and More Voices Seem to Be Saying Obama Was a Bad President." – HOLLY NOTE: They are finally acknowledging what most conservatives saw all along, starting from his apology tour right on through his 8-year horror story. We wrote several years ago that in the rear view mirror, Obama would be seen as an awful president. It's coming to light sooner than we thought.

Somebody ought to jerk that Nobel Peace Prize straight out of his sweaty, stinking fingers. It's quite extraordinary to see this piece appear in the lefty Vanity Fair.

Beto O'Rourke Questions Relevance of Constitution, Principles 'Set Down 230-Plus Years Ago' – HOLLY NOTE: These ultra-left wingnuts are planting seeds to dismantle our country. You watch, just like AOC's outrageous statement advocating Medicare-for-all (costing $32.2 TRILLION), is now parroted by other Democrats.

Doncha just love an Irishman whose dad said he should adopt a more Hispanic-sounding name than Robert Francis O'Rourke so he could more easily mix it up with Mexicans.
Beto Bombs Bigly In Long Interview With The Washington Post

A Group of Migrants Headed for the US-Mexico Border Grows to an Estimated 2,000: When Will The Caravans Stop?

Migrants in New Caravan Fleeing to Find Jobs – Nearly every migrant the BBC interviewed in the caravan that left Honduras on Tuesday revealed that they were economic migrants fleeing poverty because they just did not want to “scratch by.” – HOLLY NOTE: As we wrote yesterday, 'economic betterment' is not a reason for asylum to be granted and they will hurt every American, particularly black Americans earning and living on low wages.

Previously Deported Child Sex Offender Arrested After Crossing U.S. Border with Illegal Immigrant Families

The Wall – Interactive Map Exploring U.S.-Mexico Border
Number of Anchor Babies in California Twice Wyoming’s Total Population

Angel Moms on Storming Pelosi’s Office: She ‘Couldn’t Even Fake’ Acknowledge Our Loved Ones

Angel Moms Show Nancy Pelosi’s Office – Walls Kept Them Out

Unaccompanied Minors Housed by Feds Up 450% After DACA
Nearly 250 Illegal Immigrants Arrested In New Mexico After Crossing Border, Seeking Medical Care, Border Patrol Says

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