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Apr 20

In Magnificence – Judah Ben-Hur

If you get a chance to watch nothing else this Passover, this Resurrection Day and to others, this Easter Sunday, may you be blessed in seeing this wonderful classic, Ben-Hur. Its original story was written in 1880 by a general who was a painter and hero in the Civil War. The movie was brought to the silver screen in 1959. Before you go "oh, geez, I don't want to see some old gezer story", know that this film is a classic among the best. It actually has 'story' beyond sex, action and glitzy CGI.

It will make your spirit soar, your heart break, your eyes leak, and renew your faith as nothing else can do. It's not about pyrotechnics and magic action, or people engaging in heat-rippled couplings, no blood and gore, no dope, drugs or booze, no head-splitting action or car crashes, but it will touch your heart till you are toes up under sand. It doesn't focus on torture aspects as did Mel Gibson's "The Passion", so you don't have to hide your eyes, but it will thrum your heartstrings as though it were attached to your essence. It will bend you, uplift you and ultimately fan your innermost being as nothing else will. It will re-ignite flames of faith if they are waning.

It is one thing to cry from the sheer drama of someone getting the heck beat out of them vs. someone sacrificing their life for another. For some scenes in this movie, there are no words, but we promise you, when you come away from viewing this film your heart will be renewed and soaring in Christ.

Charlton Heston gives the performance of a lifetime. Literally, it is our most fav film of his. Yes, this phrase is used often, but watch this movie and think otherwise. It is not about how good he looks in "a dress", but how a Jew, a child of Christ, is persecuted in most horrible personal trials, sees his family suffer as lepers, his wealth ripped away, and yet all is redeemed through perseverance and most importantly, through belief – as a Jew – in Christ. We double-dog dare you to watch this and not shed a tear and be renewed in faith. It is required viewing.

This is probably the most uplifting movie you will ever see. Every person should have it in their library and not just to watch at Easter, but whenever you need your spirit renewed. To that end, Stan and I are giving away 10 copies of this film. You'll get the best package available. All this:

This is our Passover/Pesach gift to you. You will receive the Blu-Ray edition that also has the original 1920s edition, plus the best screen version ever and all the extras included. Be blessed on this Resurrection Day.

To enter, shoot Stan an email, subject, Ben-Hur. This drawing closes April 30. We pay for the movie package and shipping. All you need to do is ask to be entered. As always, we never give or sell anyone's details – ever. That is anatheme to us for Google and other ad hoarders. Your email and info is private – always.

Stan and Holly

Apr 19

How to Get Real-Deal News

I pledged to never desert you. I haven't. We aren't. When there is something to post you might not get in mainstream, I will link or write.

Many of you ask, how will I find real news now? It's not that hard. Let me share a couple of tips. A number of alternative news websites post things with near-apocalyptic headers. They are meant to be attention grabbers. They make you think "holy cow, I'm done for!"

Not so. It is scare readership.

Back in the day at university in the 70s, 'yellow journalism' was prohibited. We were taught that you never went there as it kills credibility. What is 'yellow journalism' you ask? Yellow journalism takes a real story and the author sensationalizes it for his or her own purposes or for that of the newspaper; e.g. selling books/precious metals or garnering readership.

Yeah, sad to say we Americans are catastrophe/disaster news junkies. Folks that feed into this propaganda these news type sites post are happy to slurp the cool-aid.

Many take a Reuters, AP, AFP, etc. news story and put a funky twist to it. The most egregious offender is Sorcha Faal, who is a Russian disinformation specialist. Her sole intent is to take mainstream news, kipe it as hers, and put a distinctly anti-American twist to it. It is meant to take the life and soul, your very breath.

While I was Steve Quayle's webmaster from 2001 thru 2011, I encouraged him to give Sorcha Faal a miss, which he does now, as Steve sees her for what she is. A manure spreader.

Many folks still get her news items from It is her silent partner through which to send propaganda. She also writes under the guise of several other websites. We've seen many trustworthy news aggregators unexpectedly caught in her baloney trap. You have to scroll down to the bottom of the article on EU Times to 'source' and see that it feeds back to Sorcha Faal – whatdoesitmean. Do not be deceived.

Still others think this Sorcha Faal is really David Booth. There is no way to prove or disprove this. What we can say is that anything with 'her' name attached is a waste of time.

It is a worry that some of you will inhale without checking to see if it's the really marijuana. Please check your 'dope' meter. We don't 'inhale' a la Bill Clinton.

Friends, the best tip we can offer for news is a simple search tool. It will help you ferret out which is sensationalism, what is truth and what is downright lies. There is an abundance. While I can not be there every day now, it is incumbent to give you a heads up of how to sort wheat from chaff – and there is a LOT of chaff out there.

That was always this biggest thing – to trace back to the original article to see if you were caught up in nonsense. There is a boatload of silly stuff out there for their own purposes.

Here is a big tip for you – things people don't want you to know.

Go into the body of the article and place in quotation marks "YADA YADA YADA" – the EXACT phrase you want to check. Make it clean and with only 8 words or less.

It will lead you to the original article and then, after you research the background, you'll have a good idea if this was a sensationalized story or a real deal thing. That is what I did every single day on articles that were suspect, and what you now must do on your own to glean truth.

I've shared with you how to do it, it is now up to you to do it. There is no mysticism there, just grunt work.


Apr 17

Dear Friends,

April 16 was my final news posting on a daily basis, but may post things of particular interest a few times a week. To some of you, this will be a surprise. To friends, you knew this was coming. Burnout. Frankly, you can read every single piece of news we post from various new agencies. It just takes about 6 hours a day to scurry around, see what's important and ferret out if it's junk or not. That is the real work.

Every day it's effortless to find news articles that fill Hall of Shame and Crazyville – often more than what fits regular news categories. What does that say? It becomes ever more clear humanity is in deep trouble. We have abdicated Christ and decency, and opted for the shady side of life. In researching news, this has been a huge personal wake-up and shows exactly where we are in prophecy. Approaching the End Of Days.

Time is short. War is coming in our seemingly peaceful world. The New World Order will impose its rule. A market and USD crash is imminent. Things you can only envision in your worst nightmares are waiting if you've read our news. Dissension is here. War between the people and government is clashing. Where this goes, anarchy follows. Never has there been such a time, not since 1774 when government generated such disgust and sometimes – downright hatred.

The Bundy debacle spells it clearly. You must prepare your family and friends, and wake up neighbors as it will be about those who band together as one with purpose. We have arrived at 2 Timothy 3:1-4 that says: "There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God."

The world has arrived in general and America in particular.

We have family and friends that we need to prepare. People are willfully snoozing. I have written about these times for 2 decades now, in a free daily newsletter for 5 years, in books and commentaries and articles on our websites. No one who is a regular visitor can say they haven't been encouraged to prepare on both spiritual and physical levels. Stan is much better at preparing folks on the spiritual level. The two us research and write in various areas; we make a good team. We fill in each other's gaps. Yet, you can't have one without the other.

I am worn out – to a firecracker fizzle – and need time and space beyond 5 weeks off. I didn't recognize this complete depletion till last night in the kitchen. Yes, that sounds silly, but in Oprah's terms it was an 'aha' moment. I'm not about to suck down drugs or booze for escape, so time off it is.

We wish and pray for you the best and the most complete life in Christ. Time is very short so there's not a lot of point wasting it on posting news. Enjoy your family. Appreciate lovingly, your spouse. Don't pick apart minutia that bugs you. It matters not. Instead, thank God you have the most wonderful partner in the world. Forgive people and let silly stuff fall by the wayside. In the grand scheme of things, it's not important.

In time remaining, Stan has just weeks to prepare his lecture for the prophesy conference in Colorado Springs this July and I will get to breathe in 'real life' like I haven't done for many years. Stan will continue to give interviews and lectures, which will be announced at the top of this column like always. I will continue to research and write – and maybe post news of import occasionally.

There's one last article in the gardening series to finish and it will be posted here.

Whether or not to resume full-time news posting will be re-examined at the end of Summer. Maybe by then, the picture will be clearer.

In these latter days, I have two books waiting to be written, but it's impossible to write with few hours a day to dedicate and with a heart weighted down by 'news'. These are important books, which will be encouraging, an uplift, something far more valuable that posting distressing, depressing events. Anyone can do that. There is a time for warning, which we have done for 20 years, and then a time for encouraging people in the battles we must meet. That time has come.

Please feel free to write, ask questions, whatever you need. We are here. Our door is open. We have not deserted you, but are treading that last path. May God be with you and protect you. Maranatha!

Be blessed in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He IS coming soon! BELIEVE IT!FEEL IT! KNOW IT! Christ comes soon. —Holly

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