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NEWS for JULY 17 – National Peach Ice Cream Day

15 Flashpoints Which Could Produce a “Perfect Storm” During the 2nd Half of 2018 – HOLLY NOTE: It's hard to argue against any of these scenarios as the author is not in any way speaking hyperbole. If past predicts future, calamity often strikes when people least expect it. If Progressives would be honest, Pres. Trump has made their 401(k)s and stock portfolios full and fat. More people feel comfortable with their immediate financial future than they have in the last 3 decades.

However, in the 15 scenarios Snyder outlines, any one thing could derail happy times and – they don't have to be mutually exclusive. If several of these flashpoints occur close together, it could present a bomb-like effect and blow up what remains of civility. Should Congress decide to call for Trump's head in a surge of mob violence after the Helsinki Summit, all bets are off, and the America we knew will become nonexistent.

The other disconcerting aspect eschatology students understand is that America must be taken out early on in Tribulation if not at the beginning because Israel is left to fight prophesied battles alone. Secondly, a One World Government could not be implemented because it would be met with too much resistance from Americans. Something to think about…

If you're interested in End Times events, please download our FREE Tribulation Timeline. It's a good study piece and you can see how current events are aligning with Biblical prophecy.

23 Injured: 'Basketball-Sized' Lava Bomb Explodes Onto Boat

Number of Hot Car Deaths Nearly Double The Amount of Lightning Fatalities So Far in 2018

New Pattern Strange for July Incoming
Hottest Weather of Season to Bake Southern Plains – Heat to Stress Crops, Raise Wildfire Danger 

Christian Doctor FIRED for Saying Gender Is Determined at Birth – the Anti-Science Assault on Biological Reality Goes Ballistic
IT BEGINS: Lesbians Are Now Protesting Transgenders as LGBT Goes to War With Itself
Morally Bankrupt Michelle Wolf Salutes Abortion: "Get One!"

Sex Robots Fueling Massive Rise In Sex Addiction, Expert Warns
Upstart Socialist Dem Darling Stumbles to Explain Israeli 'Occupation of Palestine'

8 Times Obama Sold Out America to Russia

Russian President Reveals $400 Million Sent to Hillary Campaign
Deep State Rises from the Swamp in Collective Fury:
Furious John McCain Blasts Pres. Trump in Statement on Putin Meeting: ‘No President Has Ever Abased Himself More Abjectly Before a Tyrant’

Comey Lashes Out at Trump After Putin Drops Bombshell

John Brennan Urges Republican ‘Patriots’ to Help Impeach Donald Trump After Putin Meeting

John Kerry: Trump 'Surrendered Lock, Stock and Barrel to President Putin’s Deceptions'
CNN Analyst Philip Mudd: When Will ‘Shadow Government’ Rise Against Trump?
Sally Yates: Trump Chose 'a Tyrant' Over US Intelligence, American Interests
Hollywood Piles On: ‘Arrest Trump. I Want to See Him in Chains’ — Hollywood Melts Down Over Monday’s Press Conference
Kentucky Senator Is One of Few on Right or Left Defending Trump From Critics After Helsinki Summit

Attorney Gregg Jarrett CRUSHES Ex-CIA Chief John Brennan for Claiming Trump’s Press Conference “Nothing Short of Treasonous”

Donald Trump Defends Summit with Vladimir Putin as…‘Bold American Diplomacy’
Want To Know What Is Really Going On?
Anti-Trumper Rob Reiner's New Movie a Colossal Flop – Made $41K in Weekend Opening

Plutonium Stolen From SUV at Texas Marriott
Brett Kavanaugh: The End of Leftists' World
40% Vacancy: Feds Release Illegal Immigrant Families Instead of Filling Detention Centers

National Guard Deployment Led to More Than 10,000 Arrests of Illegal Immigrants, Says CBP
Kevin Yoder: Trump Will Be Happy With Border Wall Funding Included in Next Homeland Security Spending

Tijuana Resident Impersonated U.S. Citizen to Steal $361,000 in Benefits
Prophetic Vision Reveals First Three Seals Already Broken – HOLLY NOTE: While this article is making the rounds, we feel this dream is premature. The Second and Third Seals deal with great war and massive inflation, respectively. No more wars are occurring now than a decade or three ago, nor are any wider in scope, and the world isn't experiencing hyperinflation, just Venezuela and possibly Argentina, according to Forbes.

The First Seal shows Antichrist conquering through diplomacy, as his bow has no arrow. This will be done in a Mideast peace that Antichrist will confirm. No such peace has been proposed let alone confirmed. So while events are close, very close, we feel we're not yet into the 7 Seals.
Top 7 Findings in Barna's 2018 State of the Bible
The Bible Remains a 'Powerful, Transformative Tool' in American Culture: Poll
Scientists Have Created an AI Inside a Test Tube Using Strands of DNA
CRISPR Editing May Cause More DNA Damage Than Expected
Scientists Just Found a Quadrillion Tons of Diamonds in the Ground – There's Just One Problem…

Google Chrome Has Nasty Surprise – It's a Memory Hog
Adorable Robotic Plant Holder Moves Closer to the Sun When It Needs More Light and DANCES When It's Low on Water

Cybersecurity Guru: Dems Rejected Most Basic Protections in 2016

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